Waldo County deed transfers

Fri, 04/02/2021 - 3:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 1-12.


    William L. Dawson Jr. and Lauri J. Macleod Dawson to Kyle J. Kozaczka and Jamie A. Rosenfeld. 

    David H. Way to Sandra P. Way Est. 

    Wentworth LLLP to Wentworth Event Center LLLP. 

    Jane L. Daye to Kathleen E. Reilly-Repass and David M. Repass. 

    Arthur W. and Sylvia K. Sanderson to Aimee Moffitt-Mercer. 

    Alice R. and Paul L. Shumaker to Amy Adamson and Jenny Davis. 

    Goose River Properties Inc. to Upper Mason Dam LLC. 

    Jared Colson to Ralph N. and Pamela R. Colson. 

    Alexander J. Pelling to 2PEOPLE1LIFE LLC and TWOPEOPLE1LIFE LLC. 

    Lawrence D. and Nadine A. Bangerter to Alison J. Bangerter and Jameson Lamaster. 

    Sally Jaskold to Sally Jaskold and Charles L. Beck. 

    Marcia Ladd-Spears to Robert K. and Kimberly P. McGill. 

    Sandra P. Way Est. to Myndee and Anthony Gilmore. 

    Donald K. Mitchell and Lizanne Fox Mitchell to Jacqueline Ullendorff Clover Trust. 

    Thomas S., Rosemarie, and Judith E. Richter to Eric J. Richter.


    Joann E. Rosenberg and Joann E. Nelson to Scott M. Nelson. 

    Shauna L. Bryant to Jeffery and Christina L. Bradford. 

    Jeffery and Christina L. Bradford to Shauna L. Bryant. 


    John P. Wentworth to Rhonda D. Wentworth. 

    Brenda Green to John P. and Rhonda D. Wentworth. 

    Arthur E. Green Est. to John P. and Rhonda D. Wentworth. 


    Steven H. and Paula R. Salley to Lisa L. Erhardt and Steven J. Salley.

    Jens and Jessica M. Peill-Meininghaus to Nicholas J. Evans, Scarlet and Denis Rush. 

    Tammy Merrithew to Scott Merrithew. 


    Meredith G. Coffin and Daniel B. Hallett to Morey D. Hallett. 

    Katherine B. and Kathy Lavallee to Eva Johnson. 


    James A. Caradonio, Robert F. and Sharon M. Broussard to Amy K. and Cristofor M. Cataudella. 

    John Kelly to Nicholas C. and Pier Haffenreffer. 

    Elizabeth B. Elliott to Pripet Flats Trust. 

    Ronald and Crystal Fairfield to Susan Durkee. 

    Wayne Hauser to Leila A. and Luke A. Hauser.

    Wayne Hauser to Leila A. and Luke A. Hauser.


    Allen C. and Jane H. Wheeler to Charles J. Wood. 


    Marilyn I. Doliber to Marilyn I. Doliber. 

    Claude E. and Lois E. Littlefield to Laken A. Fournier. 

    Murray A. Larrabee Est. to Daniel E. Larrabee. 


    Ginger L. Chase and Blane C. Casey to Heal Shore LLC. 

    Gary L. and Judith M. Johnson to Leigh Ann Englander and Richard E. Lafrance. 

    Tristan C. Lamson-Gamage to Robert M. Young. 


    Peter L. Drury and Margaret M. Qualey to Brystle Noble. 

    Thomas Reilly to Jeffrey D. and Christine M. Pierce. 

    Pierce Family Trust of 2020 to James and Christine M. Pierce

    James and Christine M. Pierce to Pierce Family Trust of 2020. 

    Mark D. Clough to Jason Hearst. 

    John F. and Deborah R. Webre to Rosemont Family Camp LLC. 

    Steven A. and Margaret E. Case to Connie and Dennis Linhart. 

    Kathleen E. Wade Est. to Tracy A. Kniesner. 


    Andrew M. Staples to West Street LLC. 


    Carol Kuhn, Alana M. Rose, and Mary Ellen M. Hitt to Alana M. Rose, Mary Ellen M. Hitt, and Carol Kuhn. 

    S. Joel Karp 2016 Trust to Danielle K. and Mathew L. Stordy. 

    Eric T. Wiseman to ETW 2020 Irrevocable Trust. 

    Karl A. and Martha S. Beiser to Northport Golf Corporation.

    Tamara L. and Daniel P. Janson to Albert W. Scovern III and Diane R. Follingstad. 

    Anne Perry to Derek J.V. and Kathryn Digregorio. 

    Charles Gerry II and Rachelle Cummings-Gerry to Sean P. and Jennifer W. Tabb. 

    Constance J. and Daniel C. McCarthy to McCarthy Family Irrevocable Trust. 

    Jean M. Evans Revocable Trust to Paul Robie and Karen Young. 

    Sian Evans to Paul Robie and Karen Young. 

    Tommy F. and Patricia Stutheit to Jason Stutheit. 


    R. Bradley Rodenberger to R. Bradley Rodenberger and Miranda Curtner. 

    Emery Family Irrevocable Trust to Emery Family Camp Trust. 

    Margaret Youngs Coleman and Margaret E. Youngs to Elisha C. Fowlie. 

    Mervyn and Rosemary Weich to Robert and Lauren Wallace, and David Kassel.

    Rosemary J. Weich to Robert and Lauren Wallace, and David Kassel.

    Elijah J. Curtis to Troy M. and Melissa Nelson. 

    Jack S. Giguere to Linda L. and Michael J. Hendrikse. 

    Nancy Alice Sullivan Est. to Gary W. Edtl. 


    Marion Gomm to Chasity Gomm and Robert Dawson. 


    Tom E. Smith and Daniel and Sara Beth Casburn. 


    James M. and Elizabeth Kais to Alan L. and Amy J. Orcutt. 

    Baxter R. Cook Sr., June E. and June F. Cook to Robert E. Stewart. 

    Reservoir Ventures LLC to peter Nowell and Elisa Giaquinto. 

    Ida F. Hall to Ida F. Hall and Kristy Hall Johnson. 

    Ida F. Hall to Ida F. Hall and Kristy Hall Johnson. 

    Stockton Springs

    Erwin A. Damon Jr. Est. to Coleen F. Damon. 

    Lauralee McKnight to Lauralee McKnight Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    James G. and Donna R. Perkins to Phillip J. and Tanya R. Rojas. 

    Tracy L. and Sherman D. Wooton to Zachary S. Starer. 


    Craig A. and Jennifer L. Dionne to Dionne Family Revocable Trust of 2021.

    Doris Cowell to Harold A. Stulze Jr. and Jr. and Ann-Marie Stultz. 

    Dwight T. Sproul to Kristen Mackenzie. 

    Goose River Properties Inc. to Town of Swanville. 


    Joseph C. George to Asa Mintz. 


    Alice N. Sprague Est., Alvah H. Sprague, and Merton E. Sprague Jr. 

    Allison Morrill and Leslie Plunkett to Christopher and Dawn Harney. 

    Peter A. and Cathleen K. Clifford to Stacey M. Cantrell. 

    Peter A. and Cathleen K. Clifford to Stacey M. Cantrell. 

    Nathan R. Laflin to Brian S. Erickson and Frank A. Haferland. 

    Keenan M. Wolf to Ryan N. Parsons. 

    David F. and Nancy D. Robinson to Timothy R. and Ashley D. Robinson. 

    Maurice W. and Esther Darres to Daniel and Melissa Green. 

    David A. and Virginia G. Thompson to Edward J. and Tami D. Miles. 

    Jennifer Hill and Marshall Rolerson to Jennifer Hill, Marshall Rolerson, and Ena Lupine.

    Community Real Estate Solutions to Gregory D. and Marchelle M. Simms. 

    Brian P. Kresge to brian P. and Leah Kresge. 

    Zachariah W. and Tatiana M. Martin to Taylor E. and Brianne A. Harper. 

    Joseph C. Alexander Jr. to Joseph C. Alexander Jr., Debbie Story Alexander, and Joseph C. Alexander III.