Midcoast Entrepreneurs: Bright Ideas, Creativity and Enterprise


Small and micro business owners around the United States are struggling to stay afloat and find a sense of normalcy amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

From restaurateurs to artists, and everything in between, the Midcoast is beaming with creatives and innovators in all mediums. 

Since the inception of PenBayPilot.com, a collective goal of our writers has been to spotlight entrepreneurs and their creativity. Now, we have established a hub for our stories about the Midcoast’s entrepreneurs to permanently reside.  

We encourage our readers to support as many local business owners as possible across as many industries as you can. Our neighbors need our support, so please browse through this hub for potential purchases or places to eat.

Additionally, business owners will find resources in the sidebar (to the right on desktop; at the bottom on mobile).

Keep checking back as we load more stories from our archive spanning nearly a decade into this hub.