• Letter to the editor: Amy Levine

    “A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life-raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination.

  • Industrial Arts: A reply to ‘How’s your winter been?’

    A few out-of-state friends have asked how things are going. I enjoy this time of year, but they don’t believe me. 

  • Opinion: The painfully low regard we have for the old and poor

    You love your elderly father and abruptly, he’s had a stroke. He can’t get around the house on his own any more. Someone must help him to the bathroom, shower him, help him put his clothes on. Furthermore, he is poor. He has no assets.

  • Letter to the editor: Beedy Parker

    We are inching towards having a health care system that covers everyone, like the other “developed” countries of the world.

  • A lot has happened on this tiny Camden street: industry, romance, business

    There have been many changes in all of the business district of Camden-by-the-Sea since its first days of incorporation in 1771.

  • ‘see the wisdom of an ancient ecosystem in wood grain of Camden’s old homes’
    I’ve always liked older homes but never stopped to think much about them until the past several years.  Maybe like my home, I’m becoming wiser with age, or maybe just more nostalgic, or maybe I’ve simply lived in this old house long enough now to see the old wood outlasting the new in a few pla
  • Letter to the editor: Ira Mandel

    Ryan Gamage touched many lives.  As his family wrote in his obituary: “For those who knew him and accepted him as he was, there is a void in the lives of those people that simply will never be replaced.

  • Letter to the editor: Barry M. Faber

    Many on the Rockland City Council, who recently moved to Rockland, seem to resent my questioning their assumptions. Before I retired, while maintaining a fulltime legal practice, I served as chairman of the school board, attorney for the City of Rockland

  • In their own words

    Georges River Land Trust lost a quiet, influential, and important community member last week, Wickham Skinner.

  • Letter to the editor:Duncan Matlack
    The Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol, a group of volunteer skiers who help keep the Camden Snow Bowl safe, fun and accessible, thanks the community and its businesses for helping to raise money for important patrol investments.
  • How are caregivers surviving?

    One in seven middle-aged adults provides physical, emotional or financial support to an aging parent, child or other family member.

  • Letter to the editor: Steve Ryan and Sandy Patrick

    We at the Belfast Area Chamber want to gush our thanks to all the wonderful people and organizations that helped with a fun 2019 Belfast Winter Whoopla this past weekend.  It took a lot of planning and a lot of execution to make so much happen all across the city.

  • Letter to the editor: AIO VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS

    On behalf of the AIO Food Pantry, Utility Assistance and Child Hunger Programs, we would like to thank everyone involved in providing the most successful Pies on Parade fundraiser to date!  This 15th Annual Pies weekend was incredible! And we are grateful.

  • Opinion: From Augusta

    AUGUSTA – As the State Representatives of Knox County, Maine, we recognize the historical and present day impact of sexual violence and harassment on our community and students.

  • Whenever I can, I have coffee with a great group of guys.