• When I cast my vote next month for city councilor, it will be for Mary Mortier.  I can’t think of anyone who takes her responsibilities as a councilor any more seriously than Mary does. 

  • Letter to the editor: Waldo County Commissioners

    It continues to be our pleasure to offer our support and ask for your vote for William (Bill) Sneed as he seeks the position of Waldo County Treasurer.

  • Meditations

    As we approach that time of year when things get a little creepy, it seems appropriate to take a closer look at one of Maine's more charismatic plants—a plant that's carnivorous! 

  • Letter to the editor: Linda H. Lord

    Although a lifelong Republican I wholeheartedly support Erin Herbig to represent Waldo County in the State Senate. Before I retired as the director of the Maine State Library I was aware of Erin’s reputation as an effective leader in the House.

  • Letter to the editor: Jean Boobar

    Although I will not be eligible to vote in Rockport on election day next month, I want to express my disappointment in the manner our town officials have handled the issue of locating a replacement for our beloved village library.  

  • Letter to the editor: Anne Kurek

    I am writing in support of Jayne Crosby Giles to be our next State Senator from Waldo County.

    One of the big differences between Jayne and her opponent is a lifetime of real world experience.

  • Letter to the editor: Nick Lapham

    Many voters may choose to make the upcoming election a referendum on Donald Trump, whether about his persona or his record, though mid-term elections are at least as much about state and local issues as they are about the state of the nation, and this election is no exception.

  • Letter to the editor: Peyton Elise Feener

    One of the many reasons I will be voting for Senator Dave Miramant again this November 6 is because I know firsthand that he cares all year round. I've noticed in the past that some candidates seem to only care and talk to me around the election season.

  • Letter to the editor: Josiah Wilson

    When we find a person that draws us together, we should cast aside party politics, and be thankful that we’ll have an open ear in Augusta.  Justin Thompson is this man, and he’s running for our local Maine House District 92.

  • To The Editor:

    I was disappointed to read that my State Representative, Paula Sutton, will not be voting in favor of the bond issue to improve the educational programs at all seven Maine community colleges.

  • To the Editor:

  • Dear Editor,

    I am voting for Paula Sutton to represent me in District 95.

  • Nativity Lutheran Church, Rockport, held its 12th Annual Harvest Festival and Tag Sale on Saturday, October 13 and again experienced a very successful event!

    Nativity shares fifty percent of the proceeds from this event annually with a local Mid-Coast Maine charity.

  • Letter to the editor: Barbara F. Dyer
    Michael Skaling explained very well why we should vote YES on saving the MET school.
  • Letter to the editor: Susan Brooks Kanellakis

    I’ve known Vicki Doudera for about 10 years and I was thrilled when I first found out that she had intentions of running for our state representative.  Vicki is committed to representing everyone.  She’s compassionate and one of the best listeners and communicators that I know.