Southport General Store & Barn


Serving Southport for Well Over a Century



Welcome to the “new” Southport General Store! We have been busily working to bring you a freshened-up version of our beloved store. We made some interior modifications, expanded the menu, and added other fresh details you will discover. We hope you love our new signs! The logo was designed by hand to reflect the heritage of the store and the island, using inspiration from historic store photos and Southport cartography. The signs themselves were hand-painted using traditional sign-making methods.


Island community is a special thing. Just about everywhere you go you see someone you know. Neighborly stop-to-chats and waves from passers-by. We love that our little store is unofficially the “pulse” of the island. We love to see people eating sandwiches on their truck tailgates, and bikes piled up against the building. We love having to stock the cookie supply multiple times a day. We love that we are a stop you make on your daily island loop, even if it is just to say hi.


We take great pride in our thoughtfully curated wine collection. We feature a wide selection of varieties and vintages from around the globe, each one carefully chosen to complement any meal, picnic, or special occasion. We love to chat about wine and are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect bottle or two that you will love. 

We put the same care into selecting our beer, cider, and mixers and have an extensive variety with consistent as well as rotating and seasonal offerings. And we carry several local brews as well as a great many regional favorites!

Having a party? Want to give a case as a wedding gift? Stocking your own cellar? We would love to assist with all your special orders. 


Our deli is popular — we have sliced meats, cheeses, grillables, and deli salads. And of course we make lunches and dinners to-go. We also stock dry goods and staples for everyday needs. If there is something you purchase often and we don’t have it, please just ask!


Our space is limited but we strive to supply you with home and boat necessities. Especially in the warmer months, you gotta keep that propane full for the grill (we have charcoal too) and the cooler iced down! We keep these things in plenty of stock.


A certified Maine Made retailer focused on supporting the robust community of traditional craft in Maine; also offering creative workshops and artist talks. With new pieces arriving regularly, the Barn is ever-evolving. You will find a gorgeous selection of handcrafted jewelry, glassworks, ceramics, and home goods, all lovingly crafted in Maine. We also have craft supplies, Maine-made yarn, books, and Southport gear!


At the Barn, we believe everyone is creative. We offer hands-on craft workshops and artist talks from local makers highlighting how to live a creative life. The preservation of traditional craft is an essential, honorable pursuit that we are dedicated to supporting.


Did you forget something? Can’t make it to the island? Shop our unique, curated selection of Maine Made handcrafts & island merch, now from anywhere in the US! We have spent years finding these amazing makers and are so excited to send their work home to you.

Supporting Our Island Community

We are committed to supporting our Southport community, including financially by gifting at least 1% of our sales proceeds – a program we have named SGS Gives. As members of the community, we appreciate the contribution and impact of our island’s leading organizations and have provided financial support to the following:

Southport Central School

Southport Fire Department

Southport Historical Society, Hendricks Hill Museum

Southport Island Association

Southport Memorial Library

Southport Yacht Club, Junior Sailing Foundation

In 2020, we gifted in excess of $10,000, including a specific donation to the Southport Island Association directed to help our neighbors who were hardest hit by the coronavirus.