Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 05/15/2021 - 9:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds April 26 - May 7.


    Lori J. and Kraig W. Fellows to Sarah A. Flimlin, George W. Flimlin Jr., and Larissa Flimlin. 

    Sharon Watkins and Sharon Wilcox to John D. and Katie R. Leone. 

    Chom Housing Limited Partnership to Penquis Development Inc. 

    The City of Belfast to Shirley Ramsey. 

    James B. Bahoosh to Pamela S. Clarke. 

    Revocable Trust of Polly A. Hardy to Richard I. Mittenhal & Judith A. Jacobus Family Revocable Trust. 

    Carrie and Paul Margrave to James R. and Debra L. Peters. 

    Angela J. Durgin to Edward P. Morin. 

    Elinor Moore to David H. Goldstein and Stacie E. Vining. 

    David A. Johnson Est. to Gregory C. Arms and Valerie Tate. 

    Matthew and Traci Allen to Yada Yada Yada Trust. 

    Hope and Richard Robinson to Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust. 

    John G. and Janet Hall Arrison to Christine MCVearry and Kenneth McVearry Jr. 

    Paul E. and Sally M. Foster to Matthew R. and Jessica A. Young. 

    Jane V. Blood Est. to Ruth Cash-Smith and Allan D. Gore. 

    Leona L. Lasko to Barbara Ford-Latty. 

    Jeffery L. and Brenda M. Burgess to Matthew Ripley. 


    Lawrence C Werne to Rock Maple Holdings LLC. 

    Iris Falck Donnelly Est. and Iris E. Falck Est. to Iris Falck Donnelly Revocable Trust. 

     Iris Falck Donnelly Revocable Trust to Emmanuel and Maya Falck.


    Chad F. and Jennifer A. Smith to Bruce Boon. 

    Christine and William Ryan Yanniello to Joshua J. Devou. 

    Owen Larrabee Jr. and Kathy Larrabee to Joseph A. and Christine S. Lyons. 


    Rita S. Montana to Rita S. Montana and Maryanne F. Gottman. 

    Alayne Bacon to Arvid Bacon. 

    Kelly A. and Philip Dupont to Sarah and Jacob Holmes, Duncan Daly, Eric Anderson, melissa Bowie, and Martha Daly. 


    Joel N. and Pauline A. Lane to Lucille J. Wess. 

    Claude D. Poitras to Thomas M. Drever Jr. and Jill M. Drever.

    Wendy S. and Lawrence E. Tripp to Brian C. Thompson II and Libbie Thompson. 

    Jessica M. Wills and David R. Wills Jr. to Cassidy Small. 


    Kathleen M. Leach to Matthew A. Sharp. 

    Leslie Lamont Rolerson III, Leslie L. Rolerson III, and Diane L. Rolerson to Myra Sinnott. 

    Scott A Siekiewicz to John Misenheimer. 

    John R. Frank Jr. and Kathryn S. Frank to Bruce E. Frank Sr. and Bonnie A. Frank. 

    Charles E. Jolliffe Jr. and Margaret Cole-Jolliffe to Parick H. and Kim Y. Nettles. 


    John Patrick to Tracy and Meagan Foster. 

    Chris Libby-Auer to Dale M. Hammond. 


    Tammy L. Thompson Living Trust to Erin Lenhoff and Philip Mengarelli. 

    Frank W. Froburg Jr. and Donelda A. Froburg to David W. Froburg. 


    Thomas S. and Thomas Opper to Liberty Graphics Employee Cooperative Inc. 

    Kevin L. Coffin and Katie E. Light to Katie E. and Richard Light. 

    Roland Singer III to Charles W. Penney and Raena Ann Trojano Penney.

    Virginia L. Cullivan Living Trust to Adam L. and Marguerite F. Cullivan. 

    E & T Homes LLC and Homes Unlimited LLC to Brandon C. Wyatt. 

    Stanley K. and Deborah J. Millay to Jeremy E. and Monica R. Glasier. 

    Roland Singer III to Charles W. Penney and Raena Ann Trojano Penney.

    Galen S. Belden to William G. Cleaves Jr. 

    Wayne R. and Mildred Johnson to Caroline Jacobs and Jacob Norris. 


    Edward S. and Laura J Thibeault to Leda C. Stoutenburg. 

    Bradford E. Scott to Alexis Alexanian and Douglas Grham. 

    Jo-Ann Kelleher and David C. Whiting to Daniel and Alysse Doty. 

    Kenneth R. Gardiner to Amy Ng. 

    Barak A. Gurney Jr. to Jason A. and Nathan A. Gurney. 


    Thomas L. and Audrey V. Willis to RMS Northport LLC. 

    Eugenie N. Carey Jr. to Matthew B. and Jaime L. Eaton. 

    Stephen W. Wickenden and Lisa M. Brita to 29 Griffin Street LLC and Twenty Nine Griffin Street LLC. 

    David P. Staples and Margaret M. Long to Theodore J. and Marianne B. Colanduno. 

    Charles T. Morecraft Trust and Janet Morecraft Trust to Charles T. Morecraft Trust and Janet Morecraft Trust. 

    Allen Wesley Hayward Est. to Daniel C. and Robin L. Foster. 

    Northpoint Holdings II LLC to Patricia Gardner. 

    David C. Randall Living Trust to Coastal Mountains Land Trust. 

    Lightner Family Partnership to John and Babette Lightner. 

    John and Babette Lightner to Jonathan D. Ward and Alison Woodrow Ward 

    James D. Nealey to Thomas P. Martinelli. 


    Adam Tudela to Nicholas R. and Taylor Byers. 

    Aaron J. Glidden to Kara Littlefield. 

    Charles Perkins Martin Jr., Charles P. and Deanna J. Martin to Martin Family Trust. 

    Theresa M. Aguyo to Syliva A. Sim. 

    Contessa L. Mancini to Syliva A. Sim.

    Allan Sim Gustafson to Syliva A. Sim.

    Gerald D. Gustafson Jr. to Syliva A. Sim.

    Evan A. Gustafson to Syliva A. Sim.

    John E. Murphy to Merval Porter and Jason Murphy. 

    Stephen E. Haskell to 470 Branch Mills LLC and Four Hundred Seventy Branch Mills LLC. 

    Madelyn V. Pierce to Charles and Christine Tarbox. 

    Keith E. and Heather K. Gleason to Gleason Properties LLC. 

    Betty-JEan Haley to Tina M. and Craig S. Pierre. 


    Diane D. McGuire and Diane Swift to Casey L. Littlefield. 

    Regina C. and Raymond P. Seamans to Gregory and Kathryn Harriman. 

    Raymond P. Seamans to Gregory and Kathryn Harriman. 


    Charles E. Martz Jr. and Rebecca S. Martz to Rachel M. and Ryan E. Casper. 

    Deborah Trattel Revocable Living Trust to Richard Estrada Trust. 

    Melissa A. Sukeforth to Lewis F. & Melissa A. Sukeforth Living Trust. 

    Lewis F. and Melissa A. Sukeforth to Lewis F. & Melissa A. Sukeforth Living Trust.

    Nicholas T. and Courtney L. Sukeforth to Lewis F. & Melissa A. Sukeforth Living Trust.

    Nicholas T. and Courtney L. Sukeforth to Andrew Russo. 

    Peter and David Williams to Peter Williams. 

    Glendon L. Mehuren II to Cole Hanson. 


    Inez L. Feurtado Est. to Fin LLC. 

    Fin LLC to Esther A. and Maurice W. Darres.

    Kyle D. and Kali M. Rose to Glenda A. Klein. 

    Patricia Kendall to Dale and Christie Luce. 

    Jaret M. and Susan M. Rowe to Warren Buchanan. 

    Stockton Springs

    Jeffery W. and Nicole R. Jernigan to Ariel Harris-Porada. 

    Sundowners Property and Development LLC to James Gilson and Anteia A. Consorto. 

    Thomas J. Dagney III and Holly H. Dagney to John P. Hughes III and Cynthia A. Hughes. 

    John P. Hughes III and Cynthia A. Hughes to Larry and Carol Dole. 

    Glen M. and Dorinda Francia to Francia Family Trust. 


    Brian M. and Sharley Steward to Shawn Ellis. 

    David A Thanhauser to Sara Moscoso.


    Gregory A. Thayer Jr., Andrew W. Thayer, and Andrea L. Woodbury-Shunk to Rui Zhou Zhao. 

    Marvel F. Mayotte to Marvel F. and Brian Mayotte. 

    Arlo M. and Joan H. Bradstreet to David and Wanda O’Brien. 

    Raymond A. Pelletier to Douglas A. and Brenda L. Walker. 


    Lewis Brenneman to John Yoder. 

    Town of Unity to Ray Hubbard Sr. and Renae E. Hubbard. 

    Town of Unity to Amy Whitcomb-Brown. 


    Broughman Builders Inc. to David and Concepta Jones. 


    Michael A. Kervin to Blacklab207 LLC. 

    Hannah Lane and Hannah R. Schwartz to Derek Blythe. 

    Barbara J. Daigle to Avram E. and Holly D. Adelman. 

    Jason A. and Joseph A. Ventry to Robert K. and Shelley A. Clough. 

    Joey Perry to Jeremy Somers.