Belfast Police warn residents after several reports of car burglaries

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 7:30pm

    BELFAST — Belfast Police are warning the public after receiving several reports of vehicles being burglarized recently in the residential downtown area. 

    Sergeant Detective Matthew Cook said that all three vehicles involved were left unlocked, with owners discovering items in their vehicle had been moved from where they were left. 

    “We had three people call in yesterday, sometime over the evening of March 22 through the morning of [March] 23,” Cook said. 

    The complainants told Cook that they had discovered items in their vehicles where they weren’t supposed to be, with one person reporting their glove box had been opened and the contents were on the floor. The only thing that appeared to be taken from the vehicles was any loose change, according to Cook. 

    “[These were] unlocked vehicles. We didn’t have any reports of broken windows from locked vehicles or anything like that,” he added. 

    The vehicles in question were parked on High Street and Cedar Street, Cook said. 

    In a media report released on March 23, Cook wrote: 

    “Please be vigilant in locking your vehicles when unattended. If you see anything suspicious please report it to the police department.”

    Belfast Police can be reached at 338-2040.

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