Schooners, Mariners, Riverhawks start week with wins

Tue, 12/20/2022 - 8:30am

Busline League middle school basketball action continued Monday, Dec. 19 across the Midcoast.

Below are the results reported to the sports department. Stats can be sent by email:

7th boys: Camden-Rockport 42, Troy Howard 25 

Camden-Rockport held quarterly advantages of 15-10, 26-14 and 38-18. 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Kellan Harvey (seven), Ross Philbrook (six), Kale Fouler (three), Alex Miler (three), Ian Beal (two), Hunter Muhuran (two) and Doug Richards (two). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Landon Reynolds (17), Soren Johnson (11), Ezra Cayouette (four), Ben Hoffman (four), Gage Bryant (two), Hector Clayton (two) and Emmett Milliken (two). 

8th boys: Oceanside 76, Medomak 60

Oceanside maintained quarterly advantages of 18-16, 33-28 and 55-47. 

Scoring for Medomak were Noah Taggert (23), Landon Starr (19), Landon Morrison (six), Brayden Nadeau (nine) and Joe Wilcox (three). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Trevin Ripley (19), Nicholas Tripp (18), Maddox Lowell (14), Alonzo Hoose (seven), Levi Murphy (five), Sebastian Olsen (four), Grady Geratz (four), Landon Weaver (three) and Keegan Sims (two). 

8th girls: Oceanside 58, Medomak 49

Oceanside possessed quarterly leads of 14-4, 24-14 and 36-31. 

Scoring for Medomak were Paige Gerlack (five), Sidney Nicholls (10), Rachel Barbour (six), Brooke McNelley (one), Grace Havener (two), Lexi Weaver (15), Molly Emerson (six), Lilly Hills (two) and Ari Kennard (two). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Grace Mackie (36), Abby Stackpole (17), Charlotte Quinn (two) and Abby Reid (three). 

7th boys: Medomak def. Oceanside

Scoring for Medomak were Jacoby McDaniel (11), Trent Wallace (three), Silas Ripley (14), Judd Gamage (two), Miles Luellen (five), Carter Jackson (two) and Jaydiin Ruiz (three). 

Scoring information for Oceanside was not available. 

7th girls: Medomak 32, Oceanside 28

Oceanside held a 7-4 lead after the first quarter before Medomak took an 18-9 advantage into the halftime break. After the third quarter, Medomak led 22-21. 

Scoring for Medomak were Olivia Campbell (two), Aubrey Court (six), Sienna Lee (six), Anna Reed (10), Kyli Jones (four), Brianna Neal (two) and Danielle Collins (two). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Olivia Breen (21), Eva Ohane (three), Autumn Quinn (two) and Mariah Caven-Gardiner (two).