Oceanside, Medomak collect midweek Busline wins

Thu, 02/02/2023 - 9:45am

Busline League middle school basketball action continued Wednesday, Feb. 1 across the Midcoast.

Below are the results reported to the sports department. Stats can be sent by email: sports@penbaypilot.com.

8th girls: Medomak 33, Troy Howard 25

Medomak held quarterly leads of 14-4, 17-10 and 20-15. 

Scoring for Medomak were Paige Gerlack (eight), Sidney Nicholls (two), Rachel Barbour (two), Brooke McNelly 10, Grace Havener (three), Molly Emerson (seven) and Lilly Hills (one). 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Paisley Hayslip (three), Kaitlyn Ryan (one), Jaedyn Brady (five), Autumn Reed-Hall (six), Teagan Harvey (two) and Emma Tripp (eight). 

7th girls: Medomak 40, Troy Howard 15

Medomak maintained quarterly advantages of 16-2, 28-6 and 30-11. 

Scoring for Medomak were Anna Reed (10), Aubrey Court (eight), Kyli Jones (four), Sienna Lee (four), Kendall Wyman (four), Olivia Campbell (two), Maggie Martin (two), Brianna Neal (two), Jaya Dunbar (two) and Daniell Collins (two). 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Hope Reynolds (four), Avery Adams (six), Jordin Wight (one), Camilla Coleman (two) and Kali McGary (two). 

8th boys: Oceanside 76, Great Salt Bay 59

Scoring for Oceanside were Trevin Ripley (23), Alonzo Hoose (23), Maddox Lowell (seven), Levi Murphy (six), Nicholas Tripp (three), Grady Geretz (four), Keegan Simms (four), Cody Dodge (four) and Sebastian Olsen (two).