Medomak, Camden-Rockport split Busline action to start week

Tue, 01/10/2023 - 8:45am

Busline League middle school basketball action continued Monday, Jan. 9 across the Midcoast.

Below are the results reported to the sports department. Stats can be sent by email:

7th girls: Medomak 38, Camden-Rockport 9

Medomak maintained quarterly leads of 8-2, 24-2 and 30-5. 

Scoring for Medomak were Sienna Lee (15), Kyli Jones (seven), Daniell Collins (four), Anna Reed (two), Aubrey Court (two), Brianna Neal (two), Maggie Martin (two) and Kendall Wyman (two). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Saylor Pinkham (two), Kenzie Baines (two), Izzy Booker (two), Molly O'Dwyer (one), Grace Fenton (one) and Scarlette Borsum (one). 

7th boys: Camden-Rockport 52, Medomak 34

Medomak held an 11-10 lead after the opening quarter before Camden-Rockport grabbed leads of 29-13 and 37-18 after the second and third quarters, respectively. 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Landon Reynolds (17), Cole Hedrich (10), Soren Johnson (10), Emmett Milliken (seven), Hector Clayton (four) and Isaac Palmer (four). 

Scoring for Medomak were Silas Ripley (10), Jacoby McDaniel (six), G. Berry (five), Liam Doughty (five), Carter Jackson (four), Noah Lash (two) and Miles Luellen (two). 

8th boys: Medomak 67, Camden-Rockport 27

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 25-5, 40-11 and 53-16. 

Scoring for Medomak were Noah Taggert (12), Clark Elwell (12), Landon Morrison (eight), Brayden Nadeau (seven), Grady Curtis (seven), Kollin Donlin (six), Liam Feeley (six), Joe Wilcox (three), Andrew Flanders (three), Michael Riley (two) and
Landon Starr (one). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Branden Beveridge (seven), Dom Domareki (six), Luke Walkin (four), Cody McGlothin (three), Zach Mason (three), Ryder Lombardo (two) and Carter Duke (two). 

8th girls: Camden-Rockport 40, Medomak 36

Medomak led 12-6 after the first quarter before the teams entered halftime tied 18-18. Camden-Rockport took a 33-24 lead after the third quarter. 

Scoring for Medomak were Paige Gerlack (19), Sidney Nicholls (two), Brooke McNelly (five), Grace Havener (one), Molly Emerson (seven) and Lilly Hills (two). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Brooklyn Collins (four), Rita Haslam (four), Gabby Martin (23), Ali Sylvester (two) and Hannah Stoul (seven). 


This article has been updated since publication to reflect the Camden-Rockport 7th grade boys won the game, not Medomak.