UPDATED: Oceanside, Medomak collect Busline semifinal wins

Fri, 02/10/2023 - 8:00am

Busline League middle school basketball action continued Feb. 8-9 across the Midcoast with Busline League semifinals in full swing. 

8th girls: Oceanside 54, Medomak 23

Oceanside held quarterly leads of 19-6, 35-6 and 45-11. 

Scoring for Medomak were Paige Gerlack (six), Sidney Nicholls (four), Brooke McNelly (two), Molly Emerson (two), Lilly Hills (seven) and Arie Kennard (two). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Grace Mackie (17), Abby Stackpole (23), Charlotte Quinn (nine) and Abby Reid (five). 

Oceanside advances to the Busline League championship against Camden-Rockport in a Feb. 11 game hosted at Camden-Rockport Middle. 

7th girls: Medomak 38, Camden-Rockport 19

Medomak maintained quarterly advantages of 8-2, 18-6 and 29-15. 

Scoring for Medomak were Anna Reed (13), Sienna Lee (12), Aubrey Court (six), Brianna Neal (two), Olivia Campbell (two) and Kendall Wyman (two). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Grace Fenton (six), Izzy Baker (five), Charlotte Watkins (four), Molly O’Dwyer (two) and Merina Landrith (two). 

Medomak will play against Oceanside or Troy Howard in the league championship Feb. 11 at 11:45 a.m. at Camden-Rockport Middle. 

7th boys: Oceanside 45, Medomak 44

Both teams finished the first quarter tied at 12 before Oceanside possessed advantages of 22-14 and 30-25 after the second and third quarters, respectively. 

Scoring for Medomak were Jacoby McDaniel (13), Silas Ripley (four), Judd Gamage (two), Miles Luellen (three), Carter Jackson (eight) and Jaydiin Ruiz (14). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Mike O’Hara Davis (two), Kaden Molloy (four), Case Galley (four), Reid Robishaw (16), William Molby (one), Nathan Walton (10), Silas White (one) and Gage Robertson (seven). 

Oceanside advances to the league championship Feb. 11, to be held at Camden-Rockport Middle. 

8th boys: Medomak 37, Troy Howard 31

Medomak maintained quarterly leads of 8-5, 16-13 and 21-20. 

Scoring for Medomak were Brayden Nadeau (eight), Landon Starr (eight), Kollin Donlin (eight), Noah Taggert (eight), Liam Feeley (two), Grady Curtis (two) and Landon Morrison (one). 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Brody Balacki (nine), Hayden Brimer (seven), Garak Brimer (five), Cole Gerrish (four), Justin Massey (two), Sebastian Sprague (two) and Toni Fairbrother (two). 

Medomak advances to the league championship Feb. 11 at Camden-Rockport Middle, where the Riverhawks will face Oceanside at 1:30 p.m.

8th boys: Oceanside 98, Camden-Rockport 56

Oceanside held quarterly advantages of 31-6, 50-24 and 66-45. 

Scoring  for Oceanside were Trevin Ripley (27), Alonzo Hoose (26), Maddox Lowell (20), Grady Geretz (six), Nicholas Tripp (six), Keegan Simms (four), Sebastian Olson (three), Josh Bagnall (three), Cody Dodge (two) and Levi Murphy (one).

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Dom Domareki (23), Carter Duke (11), Phineas Baroody (10), Braden Beveridge (seven), Cody McGlothlin (two), Elijah River (two) and Don Forcillo (one).

Oceanside advances to the league championship Feb. 11 at Camden-Rockport Middle, where the Mariners will face Medomak at 1:30 p.m.