Schooners, Mariners earn post-holiday victories

Thu, 01/05/2023 - 11:30am

Busline League middle school basketball action continued Wednesday, Jan. 4 across the Midcoast following a holiday pause.

Below are the results reported to the sports department. Stats can be sent by email:

7th boys: Camden-Rockport 57, Great Salt Bay 28

Camden-Rockport held quarterly advantages of 21-0, 33-6 and 38-18. 

Scoring for Great Salt Bay were Brady Day (12 points), Dylan Lomas (eight), Owen Perez (six) and Max Blake (two). 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Landon Reynolds (12 points), Soren Johnson (10), Cole Hedrich (eight), Emmett Milliken (eight), Ben Hoffmann (six), Dylan Richardi (five), Hector Clayton (three), James Helmstetter (two), Benjamin Wyman (two) and Sam Bernadino (one). 

8th boys: Oceanside 60, Troy Howard 45

Scoring for Oceanside were Trevin Ripley (19 points), Alonzo Hoose (11), Maddox Lowell (10), Levi Murphy (seven), Sebastian Olson (six), Grady Geretz (five), Landen Weaver (one) and Nicholas Tripp (one).

Scorers for Troy Howard were Hayden Brimer (11 points), Garac Brimer (nine), Brody Balicki (nine), Channing Greenlaw (four), Justin Massey (four), Toni Fairbrother (two), Aiden Howard (two), Cole Garish (two) and Landon Gray (two).