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Lynx, Wildcats fight to 4-4 draw

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 10:30pm

LINCOLNVILLE — The Lincolnville and Appleton middle school soccer teams staged a real cat fight on a pleasant afternoon at the Lincolnville pitch Monday, September 27.

With a total of eight goals and the back and forth nature of the scoring, it really was quite a wild contest.

The LCS Lynx were the first off the mark as midfielder Liam Day-Lynch sent a swift pass out to winger Maren Johnson on the right. Johnson shed her coverage by driving into the box and launching a nicely placed ball that beat the keeper and nestled just inside the far post for the tally.

It did not take long for the AVS Wildcats to strike back as they took advantage of the Lincolnville defense to even it up at the 7:18 mark.

Things settled down for a bit although the Appleton squad were more dominant offensively for awhile with several excellent attempts on goal until at 21:52, striker Micky Nowell intercepted a pass out by the Wildcats’ keeper, quickly drove into the box from the right, and almost exactly repeated the previous goal by sending his shot across the net to fetch up next to the far post.

That ended it for the first half with Lincolnville ahead 2-1.

That lead did not last long as Appleton managed to force an own goal by Lincolnville on a corner kick 30 seconds into the second half. But 2 minutes and 45 seconds later, Day-Lynch got on the scoreboard by gaining possession in the Appleton box, making a quick dribble to his right to find a line of sight to the nets, and sending his shot across the goal from the right to — once again — nestle just inside the far post.

Appleton again promptly responded at 36:59 with a feed from the right and a strong finish from the middle of the box to bury the ball in the Lincolnville net.

A mere 30 seconds later, Appleton finally assumed the lead by chipping a long ball over the outstretched arms of Lynx keeper Thomas Pickford.

It began to look a little dire for the Lynx as both sides began to show signs of fatigue due to the tremendous effort both sides were putting in, but then Lincolnville struck once last time at the 48:28 mark to secure the tie when midfielder Natalie Bolduc slide a fine pass forward to Nowell who used his great turn of speed to blow by the right side of the defense and having beat them into the box, belted the final score of the game in.

It was an extremely fun game to watch with multiple drives by both sides and many a goal thwarted by the play of both keepers and defenses. Both teams deserve a lot of credit for their strong play and determination.

As for the future, the Lynx will take the field again Wednesday, Sept. 29 at St. George.


Ben Edes is the coach of the Lincolnville soccer team.