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Panthers, Mustangs, Mariners grab top 10 finishes in B South regional wrestling meet

Sun, 02/10/2019 - 11:00am

FRYEBURG — The Oceanside, Medomak Valley and Mount View wrestling teams hit the road to Fryeburg Academy on Saturday, Feb. 9 for the Class B South regional championships. 

Medomak Valley placed second in the regional meet with 143 points, Mount View placed fifth with 85 points and Oceanside placed 10th with 34. 

Local Medalists
Gavin Readinger — Medomak Valley — Second
Davin Barnard — Mount View — Fourth
Josh MacDougall — Medomak Valley — Third
Marshall Sawyer — Medomak Valley — Fourth
Brady Carter — Medomak Valley — Third
Emma Fonger — Mount View — Fourth
Zachary Ward — Mount View — First
Mark Ward — Mount View — First
Alex Fogarty — Oceanside — Second
Elias Miller — Medomak Valley — First
Amos Hinkley — Medomak Valley — Third
Tyler Cox — Medomak Valley — Third
Erik Benner — Medomak Valley — First
Nathaniel Fuller — Mount View — Second

106 pounds: Reese Hesseltine (Medomak Valley) pinned by Matt Kennard (Madison) and pinned by Sam Schmitt (Winslow). 

106 pounds: Joshua Smalley (Oceanside) pinned by Sam Schmitt (Winslow) and lost to Matt Kennard (Madison). 

113 pounds: Davin Barnard (Mount View) pinned by Nate Leclair (Mountain Valley), defeated Malik Keresey (Maine Central Insitute) and pinned by Danny Marquis (Wells). 

113 pounds: Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley) pinned Logan Morris (Dirigo), pinned Malik Keresey (Maine Central Institute) and lost to Nate Leclair (Mountain Valley). 

120 pounds: Hailey Wood (Mount View) pinned by Jacob Scott (Wells), pinned Taylor Tillinghest (Madison) and pinned by Josh MacDougall (Medomak Valley). 

120 pounds: Josh MacDougall (Medomak Valley) pinned Caio Crawford (Lincoln), pinned by Matt Miles (Mountain Valley), pinned Hailey Wood (Mount View) and pinned Evan Hasenfus (Monmouth). 

126 pounds: Morgan Fonger (Mount View) pinned by Jack Tibbetts (Lisbon/Oak Hill) and pinned by Filip Nguyen (Lincoln). 

126 pounds: Marshall Sawyer (Medomak Valley) pinned Max Merrill (Mountain Valley), lost to Travis Foster (Wells), pinned Filip Nguyen and pinned by Owen Libby (Dirigo). 

132 pounds: Emma Fonger (Mount View) pinned Jordan Hastings (Mountain Valley), lost to Zoe Buteau (Lisbon/Oak Hill), pinned Jason Beaucage (Dirigo) and pinned by Brady Carter (Medomak Valley). 

132 pounds: Brady Carter (Medomak Valley) pinned Jiles Morton (Lincoln), lost to Josh Burgess (Wells), pinned Jordan Hastings (Mountain Valley) and pinned Emma Fonger (Mount View). 

138 pounds: Colby Hyde (Medomak Valley) pinned by Zachary Ward (Mount View), pinned Cordbin Drake (Lincoln) and pinned by Ben DeJesus (Dirigo). 

138 pounds: Zachary Ward (Mount View) pinned Colby Hyde (Medomak Valley), defeated Evrit Roy (Mountain Valley) and pinned Cole Steeves (Maine Central Institute). 

145 pounds: Mark Ward (Mount View) pinned Donna Arsenault (Mountain Valley), pinned David Pelletier (Dirigo) and pinned Devin Chace (Wells). 

145 pounds: Zech Hesseltine (Medomak Valley) pinned by David Pelletier (Dirigo), defeated Donna Arsenault (Mountain Valley) and pinned by Josiah Kenney (Lisbon/Oak Hill). 

152 pounds: Alex Fogarty (Oceanside) pinned Riley Landry (Winslow), pinned Wyatt Lufkin (Dirigo) and lost to Anthony Mazza (Mountain Valley). 

160 pounds: Elias Miller (Medomak Valley) pinned Spencer Soule (Richmond) and pinned Evan Cash (Wells). 

170 pounds: Amos Hinkley (Medomak Valley) pinned Matt Brown (Mountain Valley), lost to Daniel Bolton (Lisbon/Oak Hill), pinned Ely Yang (Winslow) and pinned Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln). 

170 pounds: Dylan Williams (Oceanside) pinned by Daniel Bolton (Lisbon/Oak Hill), pinned Matt Brown (Mountain Valley) and pinned by Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln). 

182 pounds: Tyler Cox (Medomak Valley) pinned Bryce Bussell (Maine Central Institute), lost to Cam Bourget (Lisbon/Oak Hill), defeated Lucas Kelsey (Lincoln) and pinned Chase Nelson (Dirigo). 

195 pounds: Kaleb Blackwell (Oceanside) pinned Isaac Potvin (Lisbon/Oak Hill), pinned by Morgan Welch-Thompson (Wells), pinned Shelby Ostrowski (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Isaac Potvin (Lisbon/Oak Hill). 

195 pounds: Elijah Lash (Medomak Valley) pinned Logan Cloutier (Madison), pinned by Darin Buono (Mountain Valley) and pinned by Isaac Potvin (Lisbon/Oak Hill). 

220 pounds: Erik Benner (Medomak Valley) won by default against Fabian Amaya (Mountain Valley) and defeated Nolan Degroot (Dirigo). 

285 pounds: Tucker McDaniels-Rossiter (Medomak Valley) pinned by Braeden MacNeil (Wells) and pinned by Hunter Harris (Richmond). 

285 pounds: Nathaniel Fuller (Mount View) pinned Hunter Harris (Richmond), pinned Braeden MacNeil (Wells) and lost to Alex Demers (Winslow). 

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