Waldo County divorces

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 4:00pm

    BELFAST — The following divorces were recently recorded in Belfast District Court.

    Randi N. Lindsey, of Searsmont, and Michael Lindsey, of Rockland, were married Oct. 18, 2014, in Hope and divorced July 29. 

    Johnathan L. Maro, of Troy, and Meghan L. Maro, of Lewiston, were married Nov. 2, 2016, in Ketchikan, Alaska and divorced July 27. 

    Claude H. White, of Searsport, and Joann Rosikewicz, of Searsport, were married  Oct. 31, 2017, in Prospect and divorced July 13. 

    Mary Harvey, of Thorndike, and David Harvey, of Thorndike, were married Nov. 2, 2012, in Waterville and divorced June 26. 

    Jo Ann Gomes, of Thorndike, and Peter J. Gomes, of Lincoln, Rhode Island, were married Jan. 30, 2003, in Providence, Rhode Island, and divorced July 17. 

    Tyler S. Hall, of Waldo, and Susan M. Hall, of Northport, were married July 3, 2010, and divorced July 1. 

    Charlotte O. McClure, of Belfast, and Daley I. Parsons, of Leeds, United Kingdom, were married May 29, 2018, in Houston, Texas, and divorced July 8. 

    Zechariah J. Harriman, of Brooks, and Abigael J. Harriman, of Brooks, were married Sept. 17, 2016, in Millinocket and divorced July 10. 

    Lillian H. Johnson, of Prospect, and Ronald L. Johnson, of Prospect, were married June 5, 1999, in Waltham, Massachusetts, and divorced June 29. 

    Bethany J. Mitchell, of Searsport, and Joseph K. Mitchell, of Belfast, were married May 21, 2011, in Stonington and divorced Aug. 5. 

    Melinda J. Castonguay, of Stetson, and Richard S. Castonguay, of Burnham, were married April 28, 1990, in Pittsfield and divorced July 17. 

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