Sen. Angus King delivers Islesboro Central, Bucksport commencement addresses

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 11:00am

 In case you missed it, in remarks delivered at Islesboro Central School's graduation ceremony June 11, U.S. Senator Angus King offered his congratulations to the seven graduating seniors of the Class of 2017 and applauded the entire island community on its success in helping the students learn, grow, and succeed.

Graduating seniors were Jazmyne Schoppe, Sen Angus King, Olivia Olson, John Gotham, Sage Kelly, Hayden Wick, Avery Grindle and Devin Small. 

“It was an honor and a pleasure to have Sen. King join us for our celebration ceremony,” said Principal Heather Knight. “Everyone raved about his speech and loved how he crafted it to our particular island dynamics. No restaurant, good idea to have $20 for a ferry ticket and don't post on the internet if your grandmother would cringe.  Wise words  and well delivered.”

Senator King also offered the graduating students 10 pieces of advice, including be honest, take more risks, value your friends and family, always carry a $20 bill in your pocket, and don't write things on the Internet that you don't want your grandmother to see in the paper, among several others. 

Senator King released a video on his Facebook page after taking the ferry back to Lincolnville:

“I’ve just gotten back from Islesboro on the ferry – this is the ferry terminal at Lincolnville – where I spent the afternoon at Islesboro High School and was honored to be the graduation speaker – seven graduates, but I’ll bet you there were 200 or 300 people in the audience. That’s 10 or 20 people per graduate,” Senator King said in his video. “It was really nice. It was all about Maine community, and it just really was a wonderful, wonderful afternoon. The whole town was there. The kids were proud. And this was very special. I do a lot of speaking at high school graduations, they’re all pretty cool, but having seven kids on a little Maine island, it’s really wonderful.” 

To watch Senator King’s video, click HERE. 

Islesboro Central School is a K-12 institution that serves that island of Iselsboro, which is located in Penobscot Bay and is accessible by ferry or private boat only. The school serves 90 students – 70 on-island students and 20 magnet students. This year’s graduating class had seven members.

Senator King accepted an invitation to speak to speak from one of the graduating seniors, Olivia Olson, who wrote Senator King last September to say: 

“The Islesboro Central School Class of 2017 is not a large one; there are seven of us. Nonetheless, our graduation is a community event […]. Not only are the family and friends of the graduating class proud of the seniors but the entire community is. Each person on the island helped the students who attend Islesboro Central School to grow and learn and become successful people.”

On Friday, Senator King spoke at the Bucksport High School graduation. Earlier this year, he also delivered the keynote speech for Biddeford High School and John Babst High School graduation ceremonies.