Belfast, Medomak Valley, Mount View also participated

Camden Hills, Oceanside win KVAC wrestling crowns

Sun, 01/29/2023 - 11:00am

AUGSTA — Wrestling teams from around the state, including five from the Midcoast, competed Saturday, Jan. 28 for the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championships at Cony High School. 

Camden Hills emerged as the Class A champion while Oceanside won the Class B crown. 

Pat Kelly, the head coach of the Camden Hills squad, was named KVAC Class A coach of the year while Jason Yates, head coach of the Oceanside team, was named KVAC Class B coach of the year. 

Shea Farrell of Mt. Ararat (Class A) and Tyreke Burke of Erskine Academy (Class B) were named KVAC outstanding wrestlers. 

Class A Team Scores
1. Camden Hills — 117.5
2. Oxford Hills — 105
3. Skowhegan — 98
4. Cony/Messalonskee — 82
5. Nokomis — 78
6. Mt. Ararat/Brunswick — 72
7. Mt. Blue — 66
8. Gardiner — 52
9. Lawrence — 43.5
10. Hampden — 22
11. Brewer — 0

Class B Team Scores
1. Oceanside — 109
2. Erskine Academy — 100
3. Belfast — 99
4. Lincoln Academy — 71
5. Mount View — 66
6. Medomak Valley — 54
7. Morse — 41
8. Winslow — 27
9. Maine Central Institute — 21
10. Waterville — 4

Individual Results

106 pounds: Maddie Ripley (Oceanside) pinned James Terry (Oxford Hills), pinned Stryker Fraser (Nokomis) and lost to Brody Simons (Hampden Academy). Ripley placed second.

113 pounds: Austin White-Ortiz (Oceanside) defeated Nathan Staples (Medomak Valley), pinned by Wallace Pooler (Erskine), defeated Isaac Lindsey-Strout (Morse) and lost by technical pin to Gavynn Young (Belfast). White-Ortiz placed fourth. 

113 pounds: Nathan Staples (Medomak Valley) lost to Austin White-Ortiz (Oceanside), pinned Aaliyah Ten Broeck (Camden Hills), lost to Shane Gougen (Mt. View). 

113 pounds: Shane Goguen (Mount View) pinned by Wallace Pooler (Erskine), pinned Willow Merchant (Winslow), defeated Nathan Staples (Medomak Valley) and pinned by Gavynn Young (Belfast). 

113 pounds: Aaliyah Ten Broeck (Camden Hills) lost to Isaac Lindsey-Strout (Morse) and pinned by Nathan Staples (Medomak Valley). 

113 pounds: Gavynn Young (Belfast) technical pinned Sam Lafavor (Cony/Messalonskee), lost to Noah Krysztofiak (Mt. Blue), pinned Shane Goguen (Mount View) and technical pinned Austin White-Ortiz (Oceanside). Young placed third.

120 pounds: Phoenix Martinez (Oceanside) defeated Patrick Mead (Morse), pinned Parker Hunter (Erskine), lost to Hagen Chase (Belfast), defeated Miller Foss (Skowhegan) and defeated Bryce Atkisson (Oxford Hills). Martinez placed third. 

120 pounds: Antonio Vieira (Mount View) defeated Colby Benner (Medomak Valley), lost to Hagen Chase (Belfast), defeated Parker Hunter (Erskine) and pinned by Bryce Atkisson (Oxford Hills). 

120 pounds: Colby Benner (Medomak Valley) lost to Antonio Vieira (Mount View) and pinned by Devon Geroux (Cony/Messalonskee). 

120 pounds: Hagen Chase (Belfast) defeated Devon Geroux (Cony/Messalonskee), defeated Antonio Vieira (Mount View), defeated Phoenix Martinez (Oceanside) and lost to Adam St. Cyr (Lincoln Academy). Chase placed second. 

126 pounds: Julian Henderson (Camden Hills) defeated Mariah Young (Medomak Valley), pinned Les Ridley (Cony/Messalonskee), won by forfeit against Jeremy Turner (Oxford Hills) and pinned Elijah Farias (Gardiner). Henderson placed first.  

126 pounds: Mariah Young (Medomak Valley) lost to Julian Henderson (Camden Hills) and pinned by Cole Workman (Lincoln Academy). 

126 pounds: Hunter Davidson (Oceanside) lost to Jeremy Turner (Oxford Hills) and pinned by Evan Delaware (Waterville). 

126 pounds: Kaden Bonin (Belfast) defeated Jordan McDaniel (Skowhegan), defeated Jason Rowan (Morse), pinned by Elijah Farias (Gardiner), pinned Les Ridley (Cony/Messalonskee) and defeated Cole Workman (Lincoln Academy). Bonin placed third. 

132 pounds: Gavin Ripley (Oceanside) defeated Stella Nutting (Winslow), defeated Christopher Watkinson (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick), defeated Sean Bonzagni (Morse) and defeated Landon Pease (Camden Hills). Ripley placed first. 

132 pounds: Nathan Legere (Medomak Valley) lost to Christopher Watkinson (Mt. Ararat/Brunsick), defeated Stella Nutting (Winslow) and lost to Evan Pitcher (Cony/Messalonskee). 

132 pounds: Brody Weaver (Belfast) lost to Evan Pitcher (Cony/Messalonskee) and lost to Garrett Marshall (Lincoln Academy). 

132 pounds: Landon Pease (Camden Hills) defeated Garrett Marshall (Lincoln Academy), defeated Evan Pitcher (Cony/Messalonskee), defeated Colby Nadeau (Lawrence) and lost to Gavin Ripley (Oceanside). Pease placed second. 

138 pounds: Michael Rollins (Camden Hills) defeated Anderson St. Ogne (Cony/Messalonskee), pinned Kaden Hewett-Adams (Mt. Blue) and lost to Kyle Doody (Gardiner). Rollins placed second. 

138 pounds: Josiah Miller (Mount View) lost to Ryker Evans (Belfast), defeated Marquise Norman-Sweek (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick), defeated Sybastian Garey (Oxford Hills), defeated Kaden Hewett-Adams (Mt. Blue) and lost by forfeit to Giacamo Smith (Erskine). Miller placed fourth. 

138 pounds: Zach Steeves (Medomak Valley) lost to Kyle Doody (Gardiner) and lost to Amderson St. Ogne (Cony/Messalonskee). 

138 pounds: Ryker Evans (Belfast) defeated Josiah Miller (Mount View), lost to Kyle Doody (Gardiner) and lost to Giacamo Smith (Erskine). 

145 pounds: Jacob Barstow (Oceanside) pinned by Hunter Wormwood (Oxford Hills) and pinned by Trevor Wilkinson (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick). 

145 pounds: Shamus Pease (Medomak Valley) defeated Brian Lemar (Belfast), lost to Aiden Clark (Skowhegan), defeated Ashton Darling (Lawrence) and won by forfeit against Hunter Wormwood (Oxford Hills. Pease placed third. 

145 pounds: Brian Lemar (Belfast) pinned Lucas Spencer (Winslow), lost to Shamus Pease (Medomak Valley), defeated Eben Barker (Mt. Blue) and lost to Hunter Wormwood (Oxford Hills).  

145 pounds: Chase Kenney (Mount View) pinned by Ashton Darling (Lawrence) and lost to Hunter Wormwood (Oxford Hills). 

145 pounds: Conor Pease (Camden Hills) defeated Ashton Darling (Lawrence), defeated Jacob Cote (Nokomis) and lost to Aiden Clark (Skowhegan). Pease placed second. 

152 pounds: Alexander Whitney (Mount View) pinned by Jayden Lafrenaye (Lincoln Academy) lost to Bryce Hazelton (Oxford Hills). 

152 pounds: Justin Batty (Camden Hills) defeated Steve Galkowski (Mt. Blue), lost to Jayden Lafrenaye (Lincoln Academy) and lost to Caden Trask (Winslow). 

152 pounds: Isaiah Alvarez (Belfast) pinned by Wyatt Poulin (Lawrence), defeated David Boynton (Medomak Valley) and lost to Liam Schleis-Hooyman (Cony/Messalonskee). 

152 pounds: David Boynton (Medomak Valley) pinned by Michael Welch (Skowhegan) and lost to Isaiah Alvarez (Belfast). 

160 pounds: Vincent Mainella (Camden Hills) pinned Kendall Foster (Mt. Blue), lost to Gabriel Kelley (Belfast), defeated Jake Towle (Cony/Messalonskee), won by technical pin against Chalmers Russell (Oxford Hills) and lost to Colton Carter (Lawrence). 

160 pounds: Matthew Crockett (Mount View) pinned by Colton Carter (Lawrence) and lost to Jake Towle (Cony/Messalonskee). 

160 pounds: Gabriel Kelley (Belfast) pinned Aaron Ruby (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick), defeated Vincent Mainella (Camden Hills), lost to Isaiah Morin (Nokomis), pinned Grady Pease (Medomak Valley) and won by forfeit against Colton Carter (Lawrence). Kelley placed third. 

160 pounds: Nathaniel Small (Oceanside) pinned Zach Hanna (Lincoln Academy), lost to Isaac Keresey (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Grade Pease (Medomak Valley). 

160 pounds: Grady Pease (Medomak Valley) pinned Jake Towle (Cony/Messalonskee), lost to Colton Carter (Lawrence), defeated Aaron Ruby (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick), pinned Nathaniel Small (Oceanside) and pinned by Gabriel Kelley (Belfast). 

170 pounds: Joseph Brown (Oceanside) pinned by Garrett Dunton (Mount View), defeated Garrett Craney (Morse), defeated Gabe Belanger (Cony/Messalonskee), defeated Dreylyn Primero (Nokomis) and lost to Garrett Dunton (Mount View). Brown placed fourth. 

170 pounds: Garrett Dunton (Mount View) pinned Colin Oliphant (Erskine), pinned Joseph Brown (Oceanside), lost to Shea Farrell (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick), defeated Christian Williams (Gardiner) and defeated Joseph Brown (Oceanside). Dunton placed third. 

182 pounds: Cole Bales (Medomak Valley) pinned by Dakota Ayer (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick) and pinned by Anthony Mathous (Mount View). 

182 pounds: Riley Turner-Watts (Camden Hills) pinned Jason Bagley (Mt. Blue), defeated Ashford Hills (Morse) and lost to Timber Parlin (Erskine). Turner-Watts placed second. 

182 pounds: Anthony Mathous (Mount View) lost to Malaki Sparks (Oxford Hills), pinned Cole Bales (Medomak Valley), pinned Jaxen Wiegand (Winslow), won by forfeit against Ashford Hays (Morse) and lost to Malaki Sparks (Oxford Hills). Mathous placed fourth. 

195 pounds: Carlos Benitez (Belfast) lost to Michael Matthews (Oceanside) and pinned by Blake Gamage (Lincoln Academy). 

195 pounds: Michael Matthews (Oceanside) defeated Carlos Benitez (Belfast), defeated Bradford Couture (Mt. Blue) and lost to Christopher Levesque (Oxford Hills). Matthews placed second. 

220 pounds: Marshall Addy (Medomak Valley) pinned Jack Lapierre (Belfast), pinned by Caleb Pratt (Skowhegan), pinned Braden Webber (Morse) and defeated Gage Gross (Nokomis). Addy placed third. 

220 pounds: Jack Lapierre (Belfast) pinned by Marshall Addy (Medomak Valley), defeated Gavin Ashton (Brewer), defeated Pedro Garcia (Winslow) and pinned by Gage Gross (Nokomis). 

220 pounds: Cooper Wren (Mount View) lost to Eric Richmond (Lincoln Academy), pinned Charlie Akeley-Martin (Mt. Ararat/Brunswick) and lost to Braden Webber (Morse). 

285 pounds: Riley Bryant (Mount View) pinned Takuma Steinberger (Oceanside), lost to Tyreke Burke (Erskine), pinned Keegan Bond (Lincoln Academy), pinned S. Calloway (Nokomis), defeated Nathan Gess (Medomak Valley) and lost by forfeit to Johnny Lettre (Cony/Messalonskee). Bryant placed fourth. 

285 pounds: Takuma Steinberger (Oceanside) pinned by Riley Bryant (Mount View), defeated Joe Morse (Camden Hills) and pinned by Alex Crews (Winslow). 

285 pounds: Egan Buchanan (Belfast) pinned Ashton Sawyer (Gardiner), pinned by Kobe Butters (Skowhegan), pinned Alex Crews (Winslow) and pinned by Johnny Lettre (Cony/Messalonskee). 

285 pounds: Nathan Gess (Medomak Valley) pinned Keegan Bond (Lincoln Academy), defeated Alex Crews (Winslow), pinned by Kobe Butters (Skowhegan) and lost to Riley Bryant (Mount View). 

285 pounds: Joe Morse (Camden Hills) pinned by Tyreke Burke (Erskine) and lost to Takuma Steinberger (Oceanside).