Williams-Brazier Post 37 makes return to Thomaston Annual 4th of July Celebration

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 5:15pm

Story Location:
10 Watts Lane
Thomaston, ME 04861
United States

THOMASTON — After a two-year hiatus, the Williams-Brazier Post 37 will be joining the Town of Thomaston as it renews the annual 4th of July Celebration. Once again, the Post 37 hot dog stand of 2019 will be set up outside of the Post Hall. But wait, there is more.

Post 37 will offer local community organizations a chance to show, and see, what the community has to offer. Any organization, or person, will be able to have a place to sit and promote their organization or other activity. Tables and chairs will be provided by Post 37, at no charge. The tables and chairs will be set up outside of the hall. There is still more.

The American Legion offers each and every veteran a chance to join the Legion and find a place to meet and socialize with fellow veterans, through the Legion, Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion and Legion Riders. The Williams-Brazier Post 37 has two of the four groups within the Legion, Legionnaire and Auxiliary members. The Auxiliary is for a veteran’s spouse and now includes male spouses. Through its Post Historians, each post is able to tell its story going back to the founding of the American Legion and the Post itself over the years.

On the 4th of July the Post 37 Historian, with the support of the Veterans Memorial Museum, will have an exhibit of military artifacts going back to World War 1 up to Viet Nam. The museum is currently a virtual museum. It was a physical museum from 2000 to 2008 at two US Army bases in Germany.

The exhibit will also include artifacts dating from the American Civil War, associated with the 4th Regiment of the Volunteer Maine Militia. This regiment was raised in Rockland and other communities. It is not a coincidence that the Veterans Memorial Museum has the same capital letters as the Volunteer Maine Militia. The VMM was stamped into the plates used as belt buckles by early Maine militia units during Civil War. The museum took the letters to honor its active Civil War reenactment unit in Germany. This was Company B, 4th Regiment. In addition, a slide show “US Uniforms Through the Years” will be shown throughout the afternoon.

For more information, or to reserve a table, please call Bill Demmons at (207)319-3400 or email George Robinson, Jr. at robmainer@outlook.com.