Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 3:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 21 - Oct. 8.


    Wendell G. and Diana L. Corey to Julie Ann Laite. 

    Karen L. Stockunas, Sandra L. and David W. Bell, Constance Daily, and Barbara Bell to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

    David N. Woods to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

    Marcia L. Woods to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

    Robert L. Burger II to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

    Thomas A. Burger to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

    Robert L. Burger to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

    Sharon L. Stone to Kate A. Oryon and Melissa Anne Stone. 

    Harold J. and Constance J. Jones to larry J. and Sharon R. Jones. 

    CCSC Real Estate LLC to Carl I. and Colleen M. Oberg. 

    Suzanne R. Fudge Est. to Erik Whitlock and Mary K. Cline. 

    Lindsay E. O’Brien and Lindsay E. Verite to John J. and Marina L. Yacoe. 

    Thomas A. Easton to John Pranio and J. Toki Oshima. 

    ELP Irrevocable Trust to Judith Gilbert. 

    CCSC Real Estate LLC to Frank J. and Jean M. Cordero. 

    Mark D. Rhodes to Randi T. Mcky and Deborah E. Mickelson. 

    Victoria Moss-Schreiber to Patricia D. Moss. 

    Patricia D. Moss to Paul S. Fishleder and Rita B. Gatis. 

    Charlotte J. Bowen to Lisa M. Alexander. 

    Barbara E. Cunningham Est. to DC 75 Wight LP.

    Donald B. Terry to Donald B. and Lori A. Terry. 

    Hanna C. Zetterstrand-Robinson to Madeline Vanamringe Digeronimo and Timothy Digeronimo. 

    Merle T. and Sharon R. Carter to Richard J. Brown. 

    BGK207 LLC to Lisa Gates. 

    Charles L. Hall Jr. to Craig Hall, Andrews Thibaudeau, and Debra L. Izabal. 

    Josh Blaisdell to James A. Johnson Sr. 

    Coleen A. Marsh to Joella and Michael Bailey. 

    James D. Oates to Catherine Downey-Rispoli Trust. 


    Leland C. Shattuck to Mark E. Robinson and Athena R. Tozier. 

    Liza A. and John W. Fleming, and Liza A. Place to Robert and Kathleen A. Maynes. 

    Douglas L. Blasius to Alyssa C. Kelly. 


    Maine State Grange P of H to Carole Atherton. 

    Kyle R. and Kathryn A. Gibbs to Neil Harriman. 

    Jon S. and Shawn I. Caron to Jon S. and Shawn I. Caron. 

    Irene Ellis to Lauryn Mattea Cox and Eli Blazing Sky Bear Saville. 

    Avron M. Zwilling to Nathan J. and Jonathan Zwilling. 

    Peter T. Baldwin to Peter T. Baldwin Irrevocable Real Estate


    Norval S. Vaughan III and Darlene Vaughan to Thomas Morris. 

    Donna L. Cookson to Sherry L. Cookson. 

    Bruce W. Cook to Bruce W. Cook and Zachary T. Noble. 

    Robert A. and Mildred A. Mitchell to David and Wanda O’Brien. 


    Sherry L. Cookson to Katrina and Daniel Monsees. 

    United States of America -DA to Brian J. Hills. 

    William and Debra Doyle to Lady Bug LLC. 


    Terri Boulier to Beaver Ridge Wind LLC. 

    Kenneth L. Shaw to Jonathan K. Shaw. 

    Blaine Miller to Edgar and Susan Simmons.


    Constance A. Logan to Rebeccas Shelby Willis Kayser. 

    Boardman Family Realty Trust to Jude P. Berry. 

    Alice Fay and David Sleeper to Christopher T. Page and Jessica J. Roy. 

    Caroline A. Gillespie Greer to Caroline A. Gillespie Greer and Timothy Perot Greer. 

    Peter Marden to Robert L. and Susan G. Foringer.


    Mark A. Spaulding to Premier Land Solutions LLC. 

    Lennie P. Davidson Est. to Stephanie Burton. 


    Jonathan C. Farnham to Jonathan C. and Mildred M. Farnham. 

    Laureen J. Hope to Rare Find Acquisitions LLC. 

    Clifton L. Littlefield to Clifford V., Allison L., Charles A., and Nellie J. Littlefield. 


    Laureen J. Hope to Peter A. Rasmussen and Adrienne R. Boissy. 

    Kathleen Carle to Megan Brown and Tyler Grindle.

    Daniel A. Howe and Stella G. Shaw to Christopher R. and Amy L. Drew. 


    Keith Werner and Jennifer Merritts to Robert M. & Deborah A. Reed Joint Revocable Trust. 

    New Era 2014 LLC to Sumner G. Whittier II. 

    Sumner G. Whittier II to Sumner G. Whittier Trust. 

    Samuel R. and Samuel Riley Lanning to Samuel Riley Lanning, Samuel R. Lanning, and Tabitha P. Willman. 

    Florence Winters to Maria C. and James M. Rossi. 

    Wayne and Deanna Campbell to Loon Song LLC. 

    Warren W. Allgrove III and Bethany Allgrove to Karie E. and Peter E. Barron. 

    Robert E. Day to Shane W. Hendrick. 

    George L. and Rosemary Y. Winslow to Nathan and Elizabeth Neville. 

    Great Oaks LLC to Antoinette Furcinite. 

    David Glasser and Kristina Wrona to David Glasser. 

    David Kenney to DDK Properties LLC. 

    Van E. Hertel Sr. to Ryan F. Boutote and Saadiya N. Mannan Boutaote. 

    Kenneth W. and Linda Marshall to William E. and Diane K. Patten. 

    Samuel A.L. Mudge to Samuel A.L. and Sadie Lloyd Mudge. 


    Matthew Powers to Ryan D. and Kathleen A. Wing. 

    Jeffrey Silva to William H. Quinn. 


    Erin K. Sousa to Henry T. Cylkowski. 

    Dutille Family Trust to Jacqueline Quebec. 


    Whitney A. Mauser to Warren W. Allgrover III and Bethan Allgrove. 

    Jeffrey Littlefield to Scott M. and Jennifer King.


    Robert E. and Jean Cole to Michael S. and Darlene M. Reardon. 

    Michael A. and Stephanie M.A. Carignan to Elizabeth L. Bouquet. 

    Jay P. McCloskey and Mancy Torrensen to Tamara L. and Daniel P. Janson. 

    Jacinda O. Littlefield and Jacinda O. Russ to Jacinda O. and Kevin E. Littlefield. 

    Steven L. and Marie A. Di Blasi to Nora Moravec-Gallagher and Bradley Stinson. 

    Daniel T. Webster Revocable Trust to Sambas LLC. 

    Nicholas A. Painter to Rhodora C. and Frank Joseph. 

    Francesca A. Morselli-Sinott Trust to Tidal Falls Trust. 

    Deane Wood Est. to Charles W. Gerry II and Rachelle Cummings-Gerry. 

    Dennis J. and Joyce A. Santos to John S. Tuttle. 

    John Blount to John Blount and Jesus Cortez. 

    Michaelle M. Nealey to Matthew E. and Maya R. Barton. 


    James R. Taylor to Martha C. Seligman and Richard E. Freeman Jr. 

    Dennis J. McKenney to Dale A., Pamela J., Dwain E., Diana, Ilene M., and Darryl L. McKenney. 


    John S. Ward to Allen and Alyssa Robbins. 


    Robert A. Libby to Nicholas T. and Courtney L. Sukeforth. 

    Frank J. and Kristy I. Marsh to Autumn and James Hughes. 

    LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust NA Tr. to Allie M. Raven. 

    Christopher and Janelle Scott, and Janelle Roope to Walter J. Szandzik Jr.

    Jill M. and Kenneth R. Artkop to Thomas J. and Jennifer A. Averill. 

    Norman R. Withee Est. to Mary Sue Latterner. 


    Jerome W.. Mishou to Wayne J. and Christine A. Mishou. 

    Robert J. Perdrizet Living Trust to Charles Curtis. 

    Weatherbee Properties LLC to Stacy D. Meyer and Margaret E. Ealahan. 

    Peter and Laura Anjos to Shaomei Liang and Yuanxiang Zhang. 

    Steven A. and Marilyn L. Welsch to Anita M. Smith and Benjamin H. Smith III. 

    James D. and Linda J. Behrens to Joshua Pooler. 

    David Messenger Custodial Trust to Lionel Irrevocable Trust. 

    Town of Searsport to Christopher and Diane-Marie Colby. 

    Brian H. and Beverly K. Buyers to Five Tales Investments LLC. 

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Frederick D. Vincent III and Jennifer L. Vincent. 

    Linda F. Pomeroy to Justin R. Pomeroy. 

    Lions Club Inc. to Town of Searsport. 

    Randy Tangaro and Dianne Lewis to Randy Tangaro and Dianne Lewis. 

    Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Douglas G. and Candy L. Wentworth. 

    James Munkelt to Oversea Property Management LLC. 

    Stockton Springs

    Michael H. and Rezalie C. Warren to Bryan J. and Joanna Lee C. Warren. 

    Jean C. Rush to Ann E. Gooding and Stephen A. Guyan. 

    Edward J. Gworek Jr. Est. to Benjamin D. Gworek and Courtney S. Starling. 

    Jerry L. Hinson to Thomas R. and Melinda M. Miville. 

    Frank and Pam Johnson to Ralph Robbins to Ralph Robbins. 

    N.A.C. Properties LLC to Juanita Palmer. 

    Richard Caesar and Lynn Blanchard-Caesar to Gay F. Powers and Ray B. Powers Jr. 

    James P. Morris to Trent A. and Krista L. Dostert.

    Linda Pomeroy to Jamie L. Hartman and Laney L. Cherry. 

    Christian Dolloff to Joshua and Karen Amato. 

    Joseph E. Perry Jr. tp Robert and Anne Chanson. 

    Jannette Johnson, Jannette M. Bragdon, and Jannette M. Nickerson to Joyeaux Smith. 

    Jody A. Baronian to Nancy J. BEeach and Lewis S. Cohn. 


    Joseph H. Rodrigue and Lynne Currie-Rodrigue to Deam A., Beverly A., Christopher M., and Teresa V. Sprague. 

    Sandra P. Talbot to Benjamin M. Johnson to Maura N. Henry. 

    John W. and Mindy L. Rice to Lisa M. Gates. 

    Benjamin W. Knowlton to Susan E. Dunlap. 

    Robert Leighton Jr. and Robert Leighton to Joshua D. and Miranda J. Tripp.

    Arla Hall to Terry D. and Raymond W. Hall. 

    Suzanna K. Roe to Kaitlyn R. Johnson and Nattapat Niamnud. 


    April D. Newman to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. 


    Walter S. Hacik Est. to Robert T. Hacik. 

    Rachel A. Nichols to Dana A. and Brent Nichols. 

    Barbara M. Brown to Angela M. and Aaron Curtis. 

    Gene D. Pfeiffer Est. to Scott Pfeiffer. 

    Wendell G. and Diana L. Corey to Julie Laite. 


    Richard Hatch to Tron and Kimberly Hatch. 

    Robert Lee Hope Est. to Laureen J. Hope. 

    R&N Inc. to Bailey Donuts Unity LLC. 

    James F. and Catherine C. White to Adam M. Higgins. 

    Susan J. Lombard to Courtney Deane and Robert A. Casper Jr. 

    Robert A. and Sharon J. Botelle to Brian M. and Jean M. Hillery. 


    Raymond J. McCormick Est. to Vicki A. McCormick. 


    Jeffrey R. Locke and Jennifer A. Oakes to Timothy P. Taylor and Jennifer M. Marlow. 

    Cody S. and Colleen Raven, and Collen and Colleen Holland to Marie J. Catolos Agbuya. 

    Steven E. and Kathleen F. Miles to Sadie L. Mudge. 

    SAE Investment Properties LLC to Paul M. and Sharon Chandler. 

    Galen M. Wellman to Douglas Solman. 

    David and Martha Weaver to Anne B. Alexander and John R. Giddings. 

    Kaileigh Porter and Neal Delowery to Kaileigh Porter. 

    Kaileigh M. Porter to Daniel and Jessica L. Acosta. 

    Sundance J. and Michele D. Campbell to Jerry P. and Nancy E. Cray. 

    Legacy Realty Investments LLC to Connor B. Mullen. 

    John and Charleen Hand to Fiddlehead Properties LLC. 

    Eugene L. and Linda L. Nardi, and Inez P. Toothaker to Arthur R. Warman Jr. and Cathy E. Mckeen. 

    Jane E. Cort Est. to Laurel and Robert Placido. 

    Terri J. Abbott and Terrie J. Bruce to Rebecca L. Bruce. 

    Town of Winterport to Halbert Miller.

    Town of Winterport to Halbert Miller.

    Town of Winterport to Halbert Miller.

    Town of Winterport to Kevin and Terri White. 

    Esther E. Smith Est. to William I. Smith. 

    Esther E. Smith Est. to Karen G. Coffman. 

    Esther E. Smith Est. to Margaret E. Downs. 

    Wesley W. Osterhout to Bethany Lawrence. 

    John Bonadio to Lawrence White. 

    Judy A. Belcher to Daniel and Janet Potenza.

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