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Panthers third, Mustangs 10th, Mariners 11th at Class B South regional wrestling finals

Sun, 02/09/2020 - 8:15am

WALDOBORO — The Medomak Valley wrestling program hosted the Class B South regional championships Saturday, Feb. 8 drawing local schools such as Mount View and Oceanside to Waldoboro for the meet. 

Medomak Valley finished third with 119 points, Mount View finished 10th with 62 points and Oceanside finished 11th with 54 points. 

Placing individually for Medomak Valley were Brady Carter (fourth), Gavin Readinger (third), Nolan Grubb (third), Tyler Cox (first), Erik Benner (second), Jake Gess (second). 

Placing individually for Mount View were Zachary Ward (first) and Mark Ward (first). 

Placing individually for Oceanside were Carter Fogarty (first) and Matt Sear (third). 

113 pounds: Carter Fogarty (Oceanside) pinned Nate Leclair (Mountain Valley) and defeated Danny Marquis (Wells). 

120 pounds: Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley) pinned Alehandro Silva (Mountain Valley), pinned by Michael Ducharme (Wells), pinned Jon Johnson (Maine Central Institute) and pinned Ronan Thompson (York). 

120 pounds: Silas Spear (Oceanside) pinned by Samuel Schmitt (Winslow) and pinned by Alehandro Silva (Mountain Valley). 

120 pounds: Hailey Wood (Mount View) pinned by Samuel Schmitt (Winslow) and pinned by Jon Johnson (Maine Central Institute). 

126 pounds: Ian Doughty (Medomka Valley) pinned by Josh Pease (York) and pinned by Tanner Mongeon (Madison). 

126 pounds: Morgan Fonger (Mount View) defeated Liam Friberg (Fryeburg Academy), pinned by Evan Hasenfus (Monmouth) and lost to Tanner Mongeon (Madison). 

132 pounds: Seth Spear (Oceanside) pinned Zach York (Richmond), lost to Josh Burgess (Wells) and lost to Emma Fonger (Mount View). 

132 pounds: Emma Fonger (Mount View) pinned Nathan McKenney (Maine Central Institute), pinned by Jake Ellis (Dirigo), defeated Seth Spear (Oceanside) and lost to Sullivan Anderson (Lincoln Academy). 

138 pounds: Josh Jackomino (Oceanside) pinned by Cole Steeves (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Isaac Gordon (Mountain Valley). 

138 pounds: Josh MacDougall (Medomak Valley) pinned Damien Gilley (Winslow), lost to Owen Libby (Dirigo) and lost to Austin Bennett (York). 

145 pounds: Zachary Ward (Mount View) pinned Max Merrill (Mountain Valley), pinned Devin Chace (Wells) and defeated Joe Neal (York). 

145 pounds: Brady Carter (Medomak Valley) pinned Josh Swift (Maine Central Institute), pinned by Joe Neal (York), pinned Max Merrill (Mountain Valley) and pinned by Devin Chace (Wells). 

152 pounds: Damian Henry (Medomak Valley) pinned by Owen Macintosh (York) and pinned by Corbin Drake (Lincoln Academy). 

152 pounds: Mark Ward (Mount View) pinned Corbin Drake (Lincoln Academy), pinned Owen Macintosh (York) and defeated Evrit Roy (Mountain Valley). 

160 pounds: Nolan Grubb (Medomak Valley) pinned Louie Escamilla (York), lost to Xander Trofatter (Wells), pinned Spencer Soule (Richmond) and defeated Logan Farr (Monmouth). 

170 pounds: Tyler Cox (Medomak Valley) pinned Chris Ricks (Fryeburg Academy), pinned Matthew Brown (Mountain Valley) and defeated Daniel Bolton (Lisbon/Oak Hill). 

170 pounds: Nat Small (Oceanside) pinned by Daniel Bolton (Lisbon/Oak Hill), won by default against Mohamad Assaf (Richmond) and pinned by Evan Cash (Wells). 

182 pounds: Colby Verrill-Hyde (Medomak Valley) pinned Alex Crews (Winslow), pinned by Job Fox (Fryeburg Academy) and pinned by Bryce Bussell (Maine Central Institute). 

182 pounds: Matt Spear (Oceanside) pinned Aiden O’Donnell (Madison), pinned Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln Academy), lost to Cameron Bourget (Lisbon/Oak Hill), defeated Bryce Bussell (Maine Central Institute) and pinned Devin Bickford (Wells). 

182 pounds: Michael Cole (Mount View) defeated Tresdon Mills (Mountain Valley), pinned by Devin Bickford (Wells), pinned Aiden O’Donnell (Madison) and pinned by Bryce Bussell (Maine Central Institute). 

195 pounds: Erik Benner (Medomak Valley) pinned Keaghan Perkins (Madison), pinned Jonah Byam (Mountain Valley) and lost to Jonah Potter (Wells). 

195 pounds: Garret Dunton (Mount View) pinned by Keaghan Perkins (Madison) and lost to Aaron Sacks (Maine Central Institute). 

195 pounds: Devin Guptill (Oceanside) pinned by Jonah Potter (Wells) and pinned by Keaghan Perkins (Madison). 

220 pounds: Kaleb Blackwell (Oceanside) pinned Nicholas Popp (Lincoln Academy), pinned by Logan Cloutier (Madison), defeated Gabe Winson (Mountain Valley) and pinned by Josh Martinez (Wells). 

220 pounds: Jake Gess (Medomak Valley) pinned Arron Erving (Winslow), pinned Josh Martinez (Wells) and pinned by Will Orso (York). 

285 pounds: John Burchette (Oceanside) pinned by Colton Carlow (Dirigo) and pinned by Gordan Gorler (Mountain Valley). 

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