Letter to the editor: Corliss Davis

Chip Curry has vision

Sun, 06/28/2020 - 9:30pm

I have known Chip Curry and his wife since we moved to Belfast over 11 years ago. My husband and I have been active supporters of our current state senator, Erin Herbig, and we are engaged voters who would like to see another qualified Democrat take her place. To prepare for the July 14 primary, I have watched two candidates’ debates and we are lucky to have three good people to choose from. 

However, as a committed environmentalist I was particularly impressed with the statements made by Chip at the forum sponsored by the Citizen’s Climate Lobby on June 13.

Chip has done his homework and strongly supports high standards from the Maine Climate Council.  He will be watching to make sure that they push for bold changes that will ensure that as a state we reach the goal of reducing our carbon output by 80% by 2050.  He sees climate change as “the most obvious threat to our health and wellbeing” and does not want to see small, incremental changes or fuzzy math coming from the Council.

Chip knows that dealing with climate change will be a decades-long effort beyond any one political party. He has a vision of Maine developing our own renewable energy and becoming a leader in our region.

I will be supporting Chip Curry for Senate District 11 in the Democratic primary on July 14 and urge you to do the same.


Corliss C. Davis lives in Belfast