Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 05/09/2021 - 5:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds April 12-23. 


    Troy A. Gallant Est. to Cody R. Gallant. 

    Cody R. Gallant to Leon S. Gallant and Judith E. Rivera-Gallant. 

    Kathleen Cartwright to Alessandra Martinelli. 

    Liebmann Family Trust to Matthew M. and Esther Williamson. 

    Kerry D. Hogan to T.R. Dillon Logging Inc. 

    Patricia Anne Gobin Smith to John R. Jackson. 

    George A. and Ellen E. Darling to Andrew P., and Kent O. Darling, Kimberly A. Weaver, and Joshua A. Darling. 

    Martha C. Dixon to Michael and Jennifer Manness. 

    Philip R. Brown Living Trust to James A. Crawford and Lynn Cyr Crawford. 

    Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Michael J. and Lisa A. Gardner. 

    Dennis W. and John R. Jackson to Brenda Jean Jackson Larrabee. 

    William L. Burford and Margaret A. Pulkingham to William L. Burford Living Trust. 

    Alexander C. Keene Est. to Jeffrey L. and Brenda M. Burgess. 

    Brian K. Cooper to Aaron Cooper. 

    Belfast Co-housing & Ecovillage Condominium to Jenny Davis. 


    Cheryl Ann and Victor E. Hamel to Victor E. Hamel Living Trust and Cheryl Ann Hamel Living Trust. 

    Lindola L. and Dora A. Philbrook, and Ruth Yeaton to Lindola L. and Matthew J. Philbrook.


    Siobhan Bohan and Siobahn Harwood to Siobhan Harwood. 

    Carol J. Skoglund to John-Paul Luft and Joanna M. Greenwood. 


    Edgar R. Ferland to Paul F. Abrahamsen. 

    Mario Petitti to Heather R. and Peter Hyatt. 

    Zerk-Eli Manner to Stephan A. Lane Jr. and Jennifer L. Lane. 


    Lance and Martha J. Weddell to Martin V. Huysman and Victoria Hughes. 

    Town of Frankfort to Paul Tripp. 

    Town of Frankfort to Paul E. Tripp. 

    Phyllis P. Gray to Ashley King. 


    Kenneth L. Shaw to Jonathan K. Shaw. 

    Rodney A. Sienkiewicz to Scott A. and Linda S. Sienkiewicz. 


    Sue C. Garrett and Susan C. Lopez to Clason W. Page Clarke. 


    Camden National Bank, Christine and Stephen H. Coombs to Windy Point Property Management Inc. 


    Arthur De St. Maurice Est. and Elisabeth de St. Maurice Est. to Marc de St. Maurice. 

    Town of Jackson to Beverly Ann Ludden Est. 

    Clifton T Doughty Jr. and Gloria J. Doughty to Travis C. and Amber L. Doughty. 

    Douglas and Susan Harrington to Saadiya N. Mannan Boutote. 


    Bonnie J. Libby to Jodi Lynn Carroll. 

    Victoria O’Toole and Victoria Sullivan to John O. Morris 

    Jeanne G. and John C. Bambury to Tyler W. Tuttle. 


    Fay G. Secotte Est. to Stuart J. Secotte. 

    Gavin Decker Griffith and Thomas W. Griffith to Duryea Decker Griffith and Gavin Wade Decker Griffith. 

    Leland Pearse to Walter Lamont Jr. 

    Alan Koski to Katherine A. Odea. 

    Carol Bragdon and Carol Carver to Carol and Scott Bragdon. 

    Robert J. French Sr. Est. to Dolores W. French. 

    Dolores W. French to Frenchs Billings Point LLC. 

    Stuart J Secotte to Stuart J. and Karen R. Secotte. 


    Whitney Harriman to Darren Harriman. 

    Maiwenn Beadle to Madzis Family Revocable Trust.


    Brandon Bouchard to Dean Bartlett. 

    Duane S. and Dawne A. Southworth to Christopher M. and Morgan L. Southworth. 

    Neal C. and William M. Foley to Ryan V. Dempsey and Lydia S. Bridi. 


    Town of Morrill to Patti Lesan. 


    Quentin Sprague to Michael Curtis Sprague. 

    Babette Nealey to Kristen Griffin. 

    Bryant Hall to Stacy Feeney and Robert S. Schlensker. 

    Linda C. Pettit to John A. Fowler. 

    Thomas B. Chittick, Mary Hobgood, and Mary H. Chittick to Patricia A. Vanbibber. 

    Patricia A. Vanbibber to Jeffrey F. Magee Jr. and Robyn S. Tamura. 

    Babette Nealey to Bethany A. Rudolph. 

    William R. Maines to Longwood Associates of Maine. 

    Sean P. and Jennifer W. Tabb to Stephen W. Wickenden and Lisa M. Brita. 


    Janice V. Satchell Est. to Allison A Luciano. 


    Emery Shute Jr., Darolyn Shute, and Weyman and Darlene Cowan to Mark D. Rhodes and Josi F. Ashey. 


    William Leavenworth and Robert Tonner to Nancy Robbins.


    Edward C. and Anita H. McLellan to Hitchcock & Company LLC. 

    Nancy C. Lehouillier to Stephanie E. Macdonald and Dylan L.J. Martin. 

    Workshop/Gallery LLC to Synthesis Properties LLC. 

    Joseph J. Altilio and Cynthia T. Griffin to Craig J. and Stephanie K. Garofalo. 

    Ross Carroll to Keith E. and Tina M. Heald. 

    Mary Hammond to Kenneth Nelson. 

    Jeridt B. Engstrom, Jerdit B. Sambrook, and Jeridt B. Sambrook to Jeridt B. and Sophie A. Engstrom. 

    Stockton Springs

    Shawn Alley to Benjamin Greenleaf. 

    Kenneth L. Hall III and Kenneth Lloyd Hall III to Betsy L. and Keith E. Bradley. 

    Kenneth L. Hall III and Kenneth Lloyd Hall III to Betsy L. and Keith E. Bradley. 

    Lonsdale Sky to Lonsdale Sky and Amy Devoe. 

    Barbara M. Delicata to Holly M.C. and Eric A. Bishop. 


    Timothy and Sandra Sweetland to Benjamin F. Spencer. 


    Jennifer and Pieter Dehart to John Langan and Misha Sanborn. 

    Thomas D. Salafia to Dana and Della Ronco. 

    Carlos R. Rivera to Maine Woods & Waters LLC. 


    Mary L. Burke to Stephen C. and Cynthia O. Myrick. 

    Jay and Ellen McLaughlin to Andrew and Lisa Spaulding. 

    Marcus J. Teitsch Jr. Est. to Robert C. Teitsch. 

    Marcus J. Teitsch Jr. Est. to Robert C. and Jennifer Teitsch. 

    Town of Troy to Steven and Jasmine Pomerleau. 

    Meghan L. and Johnathan L. Maro to Johnathan L. Maro. 

    Todd A. and Dorothy Trull to Devin Trull. 


    Elizabeth P. Dyer to Brian Commette. 

    Roger A., Wendlyn A., Wendy A., and Wendy L. Belanger to Maga Limited LLC. 

    Charles H. Graffam and Felicia D. Frost to William J. Damato. 

    Juanita Reynolds to Shyanne L. Raven and Craig Lancaster Sr. 

    Jolene U. Schillinger Erikson, and Jolene U. Schillinger, and George Schllinbeck to Marc B. and Annika Wilson. 


    Eddie C.F. Donnell Jr. and Eddie Donnell to Kendra A. Kirby. 

    Kendra A. Kirby to Kendra A. Kirby and Ethan J. Leach. 

    Sonja J. Abbott to Terri J. and Gregory Tower. 

    William W. and Deborah A. Harnden to Russell Cyril Thorgerson. 

    John D. Leone to Katie R. Leone. 

    Clifton K. Grass Est. to Kevin Winslow. 


    Bernhoff A. Dahl Est. to Smith Family Trust. 

    Moran Properties LLC to Timothy J. and Kathryn E. Moran. 

    Austin J. and Melinda M. Davis to Melinda M. Davis. 

    Town of Winterport to Geoffrey Bates. 

    Willow Estates LLC to Amanda J. King and Seth Martin. 

    Sally J. Alley Living Trust to Mikayla Cecile Bradford and Michael P. McHugh. 

    Sharon Walker to Timber Point Acquisitions LLC. 

    Terry M. and Alayne L. Hunt to Denise S. McLean and Stephen L. McLean Jr. 

    Sandra L. and Terence D. Blake to Jennifer and Jessica L. Blake. 

    Marshall J. Jernigan to Tammy M. Jernigan. 

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