Adam Lachman, Louise MacLellan-Ruf request Rockland City Council election recount

Thu, 11/05/2020 - 4:45pm

    ROCKLAND — Adam Lachman and Louise MacLellan-Ruf, candidates for Rockland City Council in the Nov. 3, 2020 election, requested Nov. 5 that the Rockland City Clerk conduct a formal recount of the November 3rd City Council election.

    After the initial tabulation of the results on Election Day, Lachman finished 14 votes behind MacLellan-Ruf for the two city council seats. Both candidates spoke about the results and agree on the importance for a recount.

    “Given this unprecedented election and razor thin margin, I believe it makes sense that we proceed with a recount so that Rockland voters can have complete confidence in the result. I appreciate Louise agreeing that a recount is appropriate and I am grateful to all of the Rockland voters and poll workers who have participated in our democratic process,” said Lachman, in a news release.  “I look forward to the results of the recount and have utmost faith in our City Clerk and election officials.”

    “It would be an honor to again serve Rockland citizens,” said Louise MacLellan-Ruf. “But 14 votes is a slim margin. A recount simply ensures that every vote counts, erasing any doubt residents may have about the veracity of Rockland’s election process. I have tremendous confidence in Rockland’s Election Warden, Hannah Woodman, City Clerk, Stuart Sylvester, and Ward Clerk, Thomas Marshall in overseeing this recount.”