Astrology for some of February 2018

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 8:45am

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  • I am proud to say that I studied with renowned Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in Boston, Mass., during the early 1970s. I was part of her "Friday night Fix" meditation group, at B.U.

February 1-3 Mercury in Aquarius is in a positive aspect to Mars in Sagittarius. You can expect to be engaged in interesting conversations today until Saturday. During these same dates Venus is in

 an awkward aspect with Jupiter which enlarges addictive behaviors. Be aware of the impulse to indulge.


February 4-6 Venus in Aquarius is in a favorable aspect with Uranus in Aries. this is great news for those who are ready to meet new people who are different from yourself.

Expand your consciousness by experiencing new things culturally. Have fun, this aspect invites us all to have more fun, and to be sociable.


February 8-10 Sun in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio, showing you that there are lies and exaggerations being told. you can see clearly now what is truth and what is not.

If you’re in an optimistic mood, that’s great, just don’t invest your hard earned money at this time. Do some research, first. otherwise, you might be conned.


February 10 Venus enters Pisces at 6:20 p.m. where “She” is exalted. Creativity soars if you spend time with it. Music, art, poetry will flow more easily with Venus in Pisces, until March 6.

Music has a big time healing effect on you, more so than at other times. You’re feeling deeply inspired with Venus in Pisces, especially if you were born with the Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Pisces.


February 10-13 Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter, causing people to blab on and on. Sometimes it brings about humor and practical joking. Try not to get over extended at this time. Also during this phase the Sun still in Aquarius, is in a positive aspect with Uranus in Aries, amping up your intuition and innovative ideas! This is a great time for uniting and making known our thoughts about offshore drilling-  “very bad idea for Maine!!!”  also bad idea for anywhere, in my opinion. Expect to receive insights in a flash of knowingness, that’s how Uranus works with us. You’ll find that you need more space to be yourself and have a strong reaction if someone is trying to boss you around, it just won’t work. You gotta be true to yourself.


February 12-15 also ushering in increased intuition with Mercury in a positive aspect to Uranus. Let your innovative genius shine!


February 14-17 Mars in Sagittarius is in a challenging aspect with Neptune in Pisces. (aspects are mathematical relationships between planets in their positions in the heavens) this aspect brings about confusion and a tendency to be easily swayed, or manipulated. Think things out carefully, don’t let someone with an overpowering personality walk all over you or convince you of something you don’t agree with.

February 15 New Moon (partial Solar eclipse-seen in Antarctica & South America). Takes place here at 4:05 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 27 Aquarius conjunct Mercury.

This is an ideal time for a gathering of those of like mind and heart to plan a protest or rather.. ”a  what do we want kind of event.” Genius innovative ideas come about when we gather with this exceptional energy igniting us. Offshore oil drilling may ber the topic of interest and saying “NO” and making it clear that no means “NO.”


February 17 Mercury enters into Pisces at 11:28 p.m. until march 6 bringing psychic awareness to an increased level of expansion and knowingness. Remember there are no planets retrograde now. Not until March 6 when Jupiter will turn retrograde. With no planets retrograde it is the best time ever for forward momentum of well thought out plans! Perhaps Doctor Oz will interview psychics on his show during this phase and we will hear things that we have already “thought.” Those who were obrn withthe Sun, or Moon or Rising in Pisces will feel more sensitive, gullible and compassionate at this time. Music has healing power, we know this to be a fact, at this time more than ever!!!

am listening to Moody Blues “Search for the Lost Chord,” album right now. ahhhhhhhhhh.


February 18 Sun enters Pisces at 12:18 p.m. until March 20th. Trust gut feelings. Don’t allow someone with strong opinions to have power or influence over you.

Swimming or hanging out in the sauna or hot tub will be healing and very relaxing. Pisces is a water sign and water has special healing qualities just like music and color.

some of you will find this is the time for adventure and or vacation of some sort. This is a time for purification and detoxifying the physical body. It’s always the right time for detoxifying our minds.


February 19-21 Venus is now conjunct (close to) Neptune. Both are in Pisces between 10 and 13 degrees of Pisces. This emphasizes the desire for union spiritually or romantically or simply a close intimacy which is fulfilling in a friendship. Expressing and sharing love is what is taking place, and can be expressed also artistically and musically and of course through writing. Love wishes to extend itself, somehow someway, it is in all of us. I wonder if a Spiritual Teacher (Pope?) will speak out during this phase and uplift all of us? It could happen through “me,too” or from a teenager wounded both physically and emotionally from a shooting at their school. Hard to believe really this this even happens? as it seems too harsh to happen to our children. What is going on with us humans?  Perhaps the children will lead the way. Mercury is in a positive aspect to Saturn (at this time as well). This can bring about sensible rational solutions as it takes the mind (Mercury symbolizes that) to a level of reasonable clarity. Getting advice from an elder is always a good idea, but especially so when Mercury and Saturn are nicely relating as is happening now.


February 22-25 Mercury is now conjunct Neptune in Pisces bringing about inspiration which comes from books, audios, or from hearing someone speak that brings about a deep emotional shift within you (or me). The fog lifts  from thinking and belief systems, and in comes the Power of Godly realization to stretch your mind (and mine) to places of expanded awareness., We welcome this. It’s the perfect time for a retreat from daily life to go within and be in silence and fast on just pure water for a few days and fast from TV, computers, etc. and just BE. going in the woods, being in nature is also always a great way for retreat from daily designed routine life. Also at this time  the Sun in Pisces is in a favorable aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. suggesting the power of a plan to bring peace of mind. When I imagine winning the lottery, what comes to my mind is that I would have deep peace of mind- no more worries about paying bills, etc. and could give money to help others which would bring a great amount of inner joy to me. Peace of mind. This aspect between the Sun and Saturn suggests ways of planning, accomplishing the goals that are right in front of you, and organizing one’s life... that can actually bring about a sense of inner calm, for awhile.


February 22-28 Mercury and Venus are now conjunct in Pisces, but.....they are in an awkward aspect to Mars in Sagittarius! whoa. Regretful words are said that stir up your insides and conflict takes over with tension- no inner calm when this is going surprise that this is taking place during the phase above mentioned to trick and test us all, which choice do we make? tension anger or peace and working on ourselves, the choice is right in our faces during this period. Relationships will be more challening than ever now. Our President could do or say something really disturbing that could bring tension with other world leaders and stir up worry and fear within us. that could happen. Trump was born with his Moon in Sagittarius and now with mars in Sagittarius until March 17th who knows what’s up next? I’m thinking his wife may be ready to start divorce process. it does show up in his chart that, that will happen this year. we’ll see. We did see her push is hand away last year when they got off a plane and he reached over to hold her hand. remember? Anyway, Pluto in the heavens is opposite Trump’s birth placement of Venus so I suspect it’s a matter of time when they will no longer be married. Plus all the news about his affairs,etc. He’ll probably tell the public that it’s normal for Presidents to have affairs and list those who did. So, back to the topic: Mercury and Venus in an awkward aspect to Mars. Not comfortable. worrisome times.