Full Moon August 26 east coast 7:56 a.m.

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 11:30am

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  • I am proud to say that I studied with renowned Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in Boston, Mass., during the early 1970s. I was part of her "Friday night Fix" meditation group, at B.U.

August 8-24 Jupiter in Scorpio has been in a super positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

This ushers in incredible waves of healing Love form the Cosmos. Tune inward and feel what is now available to all of us.


August 22-24 Venus is in a challenging aspect to Pluto. Jealously creeps in and undermines communication and connection.

The question is is this due to past experiences that were hurtful or is it really something to be concerned about in the present?

This aspect also brings about healing energy through dancing and releasing old patterns of jealousy and possessiveness of partner,

if you are doing it with conscious intention to release those old thoughts and fear. Go for it!



Fortunately for us, Saturn makes a positive aspect to the Full Moon located at 3 degrees Virgo (the Sun’s position) opposite the Moon at 3 degrees Pisces.

Saturn is at 3 degrees Capricorn, offering sensibility. Maybe this is when Trump resigns? I am determined that he will resign. Wishful thinking? Could be...

Anyway, the Full Moon invites us to define what is sensibility, security and stability in our lives personally? How do we contribute to bringing that about?

I know people say that if they were to  “win the lottery” they would have peace of mind...all bills and mortgage (back rent, credit card) would get paid off right away- thus granting mental freedom no worries!

This is peace of mind without worrying how to pay the bills? Then.........what to do with the new freedom and new found fortune? Being sensible yes, for sure. Hire a trust worthy accountant. Do they exist?

What is security? What brings mental emotional stability?Certainly We don’t get it if we wonder if the accountant is as honest as he appears to be?

I think that this Full Moon will not be unpleasant. Hint: dont’ get over extended and scattered .be organized. Saturn likes THAT.


what else?