New Moon 5:08pm today Oct. 13, 2019

Sun, 10/13/2019 - 7:15am

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  • I am proud to say that I studied with renowned Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in Boston, Mass., during the early 1970s. I was part of her "Friday night Fix" meditation group, at B.U.

If you’ve been having issues with relating to’s a chance to resolve the tension and get on with your life.

Relationships are catalysts. For what you say? For your self improvement (and mine). Now is the time to reevaluate what you personal relationship 

is about for you. Your expectations and goals may have changed? You may want more space than you did at first. that’s fine. Just remember to discuss this with your partner so they know you are not pulling away, simply learning to have a more balanced life for yourself. If you don’t have the necessary discussion your mate could get upset and feel rejected when that is not the point, at all.

Being honest takes courage. We don’t want to hurt another’s feelings because we don’t want to get an angry or despairing respond back at us. You can discuss things, it may take more time than you would prefer. Being sensitive to one another is one of the foundational rock of a good relationship.

There are other relationships that matter, such as those you work with, daily. These relationships matter too. Most of all I find that I cannot have a relationship with someone who gets reactive and defensive. For me this is a turn off. This is one reason I see relationships as a catalyst for self improvement. Why am I turned off by someone being reactive or defensive? Why is the person reactive and defensive? Probably has to do with our parents or other relationships which have not yet been totally reconciled and healed. there’s where the focus needs to be (in my opinion) on clearing the past so I (you) can live more in the present moment.

This Full Moon will be more impactful than others because Pluto is in a mathematical (aspect) to the position of this Full Moon. The Moon will be at exactly 15 degrees of Aries, opposite the Sun at 15 degrees of Libra and squaring Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn. By “squaring” I’m referring to an astrological aspect that is equal to 90 degrees mathematically. Did you know there is a terrific amount of math involved in Astrology? Did you know that Astrology is a Cosmic Science which requires a whole lot of intuitive wisdom and knowledge years and years of studying and classes taken, did you know that? The old columns we grew up with were fun, but superficial and not accurate, not one bit. I enjoy writing this column to help you understand the complexities of Astrology and to learn that it is indeed a fine tool for self improvement and knowledge. We’re all here on Earth for a reason. Right now I’m heading out to take care of an elder who needs us (her caregiver team) in order to stay at home and enjoy the rest of her life. This feel truly meaningful to me, and makes my heart sing to be with her in her home, her way. I also love doing personal chart readings.


If there are spelling errors, please forgive me as there is no way to do spell check here and I don’t have time right now to re-read this.