astrology for November 2017 calculated for the east coast

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 4:15pm

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  • I am proud to say that I studied with renowned Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in Boston, Mass., during the early 1970s. I was part of her "Friday night Fix" meditation group, at B.U.

November 2017 calculated for the east coast by Ananur 207-594-2565


*Mercury will be retrograde from December 3-22.


November 1-3 Venus is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius strengthening reliability and trust in personal relationships. The Sun in Scorpio is in a very positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces which increases psychic awareness, musical ability to heal and deep down inner peace when you’re sitting in silence.


November 1-4 Venus in Libra is opposite (180 degrees aspect) Uranus in Aries: this aspect brings about sudden unexpected meetings with unusual people who stimulate ideas in you. Keep an open mind. It could be a romantic time as well. New people in your life come and go. You will have fantastic creative ideas. Implement them.


November 1 until November 15 Saturn in Sagittarius is in a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries. This aspect has been with us, on and off since December 2016, now it will end. Here is a blending of progressive thinking and manifesting/blended…with traditional past models that have worked. This aspect acts like a bridge from past to future. We’re moving into the future. Great time for group organizing of events making statement and demands. For instance-Just say “no” to, “nuclear missiles set to go.” As you know there is great power in numbers to make one’s voice heard. Innovations will get patented now that are impactful.


November 4 Full Moon takes place at 1:23 a.m. with the Moon at 11 degrees of Taurus opposite the Sun at 11 degrees of Scorpio- fortunate for all of us Neptune is at 11 degrees of Pisces forming positive aspects to the Moon and the Sun! Here is a terrific increase in healing energies accepted and acknowledged. The pharmaceutical scam and their exorbitant fees are shown as potential  pathway to self sufficiency and leaning on one another for healing LOVE, to bring about the healing we seek, we don’t need them. We need to align with each other and focus attention healing one another. We can do it.


November 5 at 2:00 a.m. Daylight Savings ends and we put our clocks back 1 hour. “Spring ahead… Fall behind”


November 5 until January 11, 2018 Mercury enters Sagittarius and remains for quite awhile. That’s because it goes retrograde on December 3, then direct on December 22, remaining in Sagittarius all this time. Mercury enters into Capricorn on January 12. Ok, while Mercury is in Sag. It brings about a quickened mind with a tendency to be more outspoken and impulsive with, “saying it like it is.” Only thing is…that is based on your perception and may not really be correct? When Mercury enters Capricorn in January, practical concerns take up more mind space. It’s always good to ask elders for their opinions and their experience, giving food for thought. Of course, the elders like to be invited to share their opinions and experience.


 November 6- until noon on November 9 finds the Sun in a positive aspect to Pluto which is my personal favorite aspect. That’s because of the power potential packed into it. There is a very real opportunity to transform one’s life- to overcome addiction, obsession and old pathways the mind has created. This aspect gives inner strength.



November 7 until December 1 Venus is in Scorpio, which is known to bring up issues of jealousy and possessiveness which surely goes along with domestic violence issues. However, did you know that Venus in Scorpio loves to dance and work out intense emotions in that way? Venus here, does intensify emotions and can deepen the capacity to love and to forgive, as well.


November 11-13 Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio wow, this is super good for certain people financially. Anyone born: October 29- November 1, February 25- 28, or June 28- July 1, of any year would feel the benefits of this conjunction. It’s a perfect time for a wedding ceremony or fund raising event with lots of flowers, good gourmet food and drink and plenty of fun people who enjoy singing together! To be born with this aspect would be great- bring good, “luck” or call it…“good karma” to the person’s life, for sure. Anyone born May 8-15 of 2011 would have been born with Venus conjunct Jupiter. Do you know anyone born then? Also anyone born August 29 – September 5 of any year would also have been born with this conjunction. I did a chart for someone years ago, who was born with Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd house (of self sufficiency and finances) and she was very good at gambling she said, and was extremely “lucky” with money!!! She used the mantra, “I am a money magnet.” Money is useful, for sure. She was also very generous with her money, she said.



November 14-16 Venus in Scorpio is in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces, which brings about the dreamy/hopeful urge to find, “the perfect mate,” the spiritual ideal person you’ve been secretly longing for. No one of course, can fill that need within… but having a mate who is compatible and shares one’s ideals and values is a step in the right direction for finding fulfillment. As we all know “happiness is an inside job.” However, if  “you” tend to be somewhat delusional about romance this aspect could set you up for disappointment, if you meet someone and put all your idealistic expectations into that one person. Am I speaking from experience? Yup, This aspect also brings out the urge for creativity and to “get some culture” at a museum, gallery, concert, or opera, etc.



November 14-until noon November 17: Mercury is in a favorable aspect with Mars which does bring about a clear quickened mind.



November 16-19 Mars in Libra is in a challenging (danger alert) to Pluto in Capricorn: be careful. Don’t take risks. Don’t be driving long distance if you’re too tired to do so. Watch out for drivers who are probably in road rage mode. Anger is eruptive at this time and something “horrifying” could take place, hopefully not…



November 18 New Moon takes place at precisely 6:42 a.m. with the Sun and Moon together at 26 degrees of Scorpio. This is interesting because Uranus is at 24 degrees of Aries, and Chiron is at 24 degrees of Pisces. New forms of healing come about, or should. It’s time to advance and learn about all the options available to us that the medical insurance companies don’t support and don’t promote! More and more healing modalities are available to us and we can, “do trades,” with healers for practical needs, etc. It’s time to stand up and say “no” to the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations who are ripping people off, blatantly. How’s that for expressing an opinion? I guess Mercury and Mars are strong in my chart right now. Yup! Just looked it up. Mars in the heavens is conjunct my Sun in Libra! Also Mercury in Scorpio is on the top of my chart. wow. Today is Tuesday October 24.


November 18-until noon November 21: Venus in Scorpio is in a favorable aspect to Pluto in Capricorn which deepens bonds of intimacy. It also increases the need for closeness and to feel deeply understood. When someone is born with this aspect is often signifies that the person will be with their, “twin flame” in this lifetime. If you don’t know the term… Google it. It is far more profound than a, “soul mate,” relationship which is usually based on karma needing to be completed. That’s why soul mate relationships start of so intensely.

The attraction is so strong it usually cannot be denied. That’d because of the need to work on some old patterns.


November 21 – December 21.  the Sun will enter into Sagittarius at 10:05 p.m. taking us into the philosophical mode with passion and wisdom needing to be expressed and shared. There’s a tendency to  be “pollyanna-ish,” now, and ignore facts that need to be considered. If you’re too optimistic you may find that you’re missing research necessary to have, before making an important decision. Don’t rush hastily into something you’re not ready for. Watch out for the tendency to think in future terms and ignore living in the present.


November 22-until 8 a.m. November 25. Mercury in Sagittarius is in a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries strengthening intuition greatly. This is the time that inventors thrive on. Things get done in groups that are open to brain/heart storming, and hearing from all attending.


November 23, Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. Time to relax and enjoy each other and good food! Mercury is in a trine (120 degree positive aspect) to Uranus today which is great for playing games that elevate the mind and get your thinking out of the box. The Sun and Moon will be in a favorable aspect to each other finding you peaceful and relaxed.  from EAST…..5-7 p.m. ….. MT. time =  3-5 p.m. pacific  time = 2-4 p.m.


November 25- until 8 a.m. on November 28 Mercury is conjunct Sagittarius which helps to focus the mind. Busy time. Good feelings abound if… you’re well organized. Able to get a lot done.


November 26 until noon December 1 Mars in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries signals another, “danger alert.” Serious time. Be careful and don’t make any wild decisions, especially while driving. Tempers fly, impatience causes conflicts that flare up suddenly. Be alert.


 November 26- December 9 Jupiter in Scorpio is in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This is great for anyone who was born November 2-5 of any year. It will bring them opportunities for expansion and probably financial gain, as well. Also great for anyone who was born: February 28-March 3, July 3-6 of any year. If someone was born with this aspect it pretty much guarantees that they will be with their “twin flame” in this lifetime. There are a few aspects that guarantee this and some people have it, but not many. It does raise the consciousness of the whole planet when “twin flames” come together.

 November 29 – 10 a.m. on December 3 the Sun in Sagittarius will be in a difficult aspect to Neptune in Pisces which can bring about low physical energy and confusion. Misunderstandings are apt to take place.


*Heads up!!! December 3 at 2:34 a.m. EAST – until December 22 at 8:51 p.m. (EAST) Mercury will be retrograde.