Letter to the editor

Yes on 1 is a vote for medical freedom, bodily autonomy

Tue, 02/18/2020 - 12:45pm

We are writing to urge you to vote Yes on 1 to Reject Big Pharma. Since pharmaceutical companies were exempted from liability for injuries that occur from vaccines in 1986, the number of recommended doses for children has grown to 69.  

Many parents have concerns about the aggressiveness of the current schedule. Big Pharma is pushing legislation across the country to mandate participation in the vaccine program in exchange for education.

Our rights as parents to make medical decisions for our children should not fall prey to pharmaceutical companies’ pursuit of profit.
Voting yes on 1 is a vote for medical freedom, bodily autonomy and a vote against tyrannical corporate governance.

Visit www.rejectbigpharma.com for more information on this grassroots effort by Mainers for Mainers to maintain basic human freedoms for all.


Rebecca Carter, Rockport
David Harrach, Thomaston
Andrew and Jennifer Marshall, Thomaston 
Ethan and Melissa Hall, Hope
Louisa Enright, PhD, Camden
Diana Day, Camden
Katie Wilson, Rockport
Nisa Smiley, Camden
Rob and Jan Spencer, Camden
Joanna Nymanson and Evan Obercian, Lincolnville
Warren and Bethany Allgrove, Lincolnville
Sherry Stanley and Michael Keating, Owl’s Head