Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 11/02/2020 - 11:15am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 9-23. 


    Coleen A. Marsh to Joella and Michael Bailey. 

    James D. Oates to Catherine Downey-Rispoli Trust. 

    Greider Family Real Estate Trust to C.J. Morgan Freeman. 

    Susan C. Black Est. to Elizabeth V. Durham. 

    Joseph D. Dubois to Justin Olsen and Nancy Shaw. 

    Nancy McCalley to Nancy Elizabeth McCalley Living Trust.

    Susan M. and Michael J. Shershow to Sara M. Morris and Thomas G. Sheehan.

    Joanne M. and Joanne Parent to Paula M. Urbach. 

    Tanya Flood to Bruce WOod. 

    Mathew C. Holmes and Meredith A. Holmes Living Trust to Sunny Family LLC. 


    Jess E. Eggen and Jessica Dinsmore to Jess E. Eggen. 

    Harold A. Stultz Jr. and Ann-Marie S. Stultz to Andre R. and Evan D. Morrow. 

    Nathan D. and Kelly J. Stover to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. 


    Dylan Piersiak Enterprises Trust to Jamie and Melisa B. Van Keuren. 

    Robert E. Albert Jr. and Alice M. Albert to Robert E. Albert Jr. Living Trust. 


    Robert E. Albert Jr. and Alice M. Albert to Albert Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    Roland H. and Verna L. Hughes to Garrett R. and Stephani L. Buzzell. 


    Linda Doody to Maine Savings Federal Credit Union. 

    Thomas L. Tufts Est. to Kenneth Phillips. 

    Michelle Bernard to Benjamin P. and Kayla C. Nadeau. 

    Maine Woods & Waters LL to Jonathan A. Kincaid. 

    James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Ada H. and Tylor F. Hunter. 


    Blaine Miller to Edgar and Susan Simmons. 

    Charles M. Fletcher and Elizabeth Sizeler to Brandon Suitor. 

    John H. Downer to Danielle J. Roberts and Justin Pierce. 


    Peter Marden to Robert L. and Susan G. Foringer. 

    Peter Marden to Peter and Terry G. Marden. 

    Marcella Harrer Congdon and Robert B. Congdon Credit Shelter Trust to Rita J. and John D. Hanzlik. 

    Kathleen M. Heckel to Charles A. and Jennifer S. Fischer. 

    James P. and Meghan Lipcon to Deborah W. Ferrante. 

    Adam Seamans to Steven E. Feder and Amy R. Winston. 

    Paulette Vanderhei Tr. to Paulette K. Vanderhei, Lyndon M., John V., and George H. Keller, and Laura J. Simon. 

    Frank E. West Est. to Susan West. 

    Frank E. West Est. to Mark West. 


    Lisa Parkhill to Madeline Thomson Crossman and Katheine Thomson Crossman. 

    Wilfred C. and Linda L. Gagnon to Madeline Thomson Crossman and Katherine Thomson Crossman.

    Jessica L. and Roland J. Greene to Chi Wai Lau. 

    Premier Land Solutions LLC to David L. and Terry L. McLaughlin. 


    Winona R. Larrabee to Derek and Jennifer Larrabee. 

    Ashwood Group LLC to Knox Holdings LLC. 


    Stanley B. Eaton Jr. to Stanley B. Eaton Jr. and Daphne Eaton. 

    Peter M. and Kimberly S. Sheff to Darlene M. Nichols. 

    Leona H. Clark Living Trust and John J. Clark Living Trust to Jeffrey Denker. 

    Lisa Marcouillier to Lisa Marcouillier. 

    Brian and Carol McKeon, and Eileen McSweeney to Jeffrey P. and Amanda V. Carter. 

    Karin Howard to Karin, Brita D., and Alison P. Howard. 

    Dennis O. and Christine M. Urick to John and Mary Frugard. 


    David Kenney to DDK Properties LLC. 

    Van E. Hertel Sr. to Ryan F. Boutote and Saadiya N. Mannan Boutote. 

    Kenneth W. and Linda Marshall to William E. and Diane K. Patten. 

    Samuel A.L. Mudge to Samuel A.L. Mudge and Sadie Lloyd Mudge. 

    Stephen W. and Bonnie B. Hoffman to Dennis and Susan Gormley. 

    Carolyn H. and Sheldon I. Belmain to Carolyn H. & Sheldon I. Belmain Living Trust. 

    Almar Inc. to Nancy J. Hughes.

    Mark D. Hedstrom to Angelia D. and David F. Link. 

    John A. Gurney and Elizabeth J. Dunn to John A. Gurney, Elizabeth J., Ladleah L., and Darcy M. Dunn, and Ian A. and Chris M. Gurney. 

    Marc A. Craig and Wendy E. Higgins to John A. Donofrio. 


    James Tripp Jr. and Cynthia Tripp to Robert D. Palmer. 

    Rose Marie Skrzypek and Rose Marie Julia to Jonathan H. and Ashlee P. Godin. 


    Wendy B. Rowland to Jacob Curtz. 

    David Jacobson to Andrew R. and Aubrey E. Mueller. 

    Richard J. and Peichang Gagliardi to Gail Copeland and Patrick J. Rennie. 

    Sandra A. George Est. to Diana Chapin. 

    Kimberly S. and Peter M. Sheff to Charles Kelliher.


    Michelle M. Nealey to Matthew E. and Maya R. Barton. 

    Cynthia A. Condon to Condon Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    Charles Gerry II and Rachelle Cummings-Gerry to Leanne Budolfson. 

    Scott D. Newman to Charles A. Newman. 

    Erin D. Herbig to HJ Development LLC. 

    Helen and John Vaninwagen to Robert E. and Jean Cole. 

    Daniel T. Webster Revocable Trust to Lindsey T. and Adam C. Cates. 

    Kathleen J. Caldwell and Donald J. Condi to Aaron Siegmund, Rein, Anita M., and William D. Perryman. 

    Gayle Cmar and Gayle Punette to Samuel D. and Cassandra M. Richardson. 


    Kevin M. Leary Revocable Trust and Nancy N. Leary Revocable Trust to R. Bradley Rodenberger. 

    Michael L. and Laurie A. Wiser to John B. Stallman. 

    Daniel L. Farrington to Ami M. Farrington.


    Janice L. Moody to Walter and Pamela Lashway. 

    Dorothy A. Gordon to Robert A. and Dorothy A. Rego. 

    James J. and Cynthia A. Patrick to Benjamin H. and Numfon Patrick. 


    Deborah M. Peaslee and Nathan F. Peaslee Jr. to Olde Mill Trading Post LLC. 

    Oscar J. Bryant Sr. Est. to Nathan G. Peaslee.

    Marilynn J. Petit to Meredith Sanderson and Meredith Hill. 

    Mary E. Ireland to Richard and Darlene Marino. 


    Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tr. to Castle 2020 LLC. 

    Beverly A. Walton Est. to Jayson & Sally Turner Revocable Living Trust. 

    Robert M. Einhorn and Brett I. Graff Einhorn to Lionel Irrevocable Trust. 

    Lionel Irrevocable Trust to Jami M. and Nola Jackson. 

    Stockton Springs

    Janette Johnson, Janette M. Bragdon, and Janette M. Nickerson to Joyeaux Smith. 

    Jody Anne Baronian to Nancy J. Beach and Lewis S. Cohn. 

    Richard and Janice Colpitts to Timothy D. and Patty A. Wynn. 

    Mark A. Smith to Jennifer L. Manning. 

    Stockton Properties LLC to 195 Main Street LLC and One Hundred Ninety-Five Main Street LLC.

    Lisa S. and Michael A. Tripp to Dana A. and Cynthia R. Beauchesne. 

    Lorin D. Hollander, Lorin Hollander Living Trust, Tara Hollander, and Tara Hollander Living Trust to Kristen Larson Lynch. 

    Lorin D. Hollander to Kristen Larson Lynch. 

    Howard S. Brower and Douglas Lang to Howard S. Brower. 


    Suzanna K. Roe to Kaitlyn R. Johnson and Nattapat Niamnud. 

    Frank J. Ferendo to Michelle and Aaron Pilotte. 

     Benjamin W. Knowlton to Josiah Twitchell. 

    David S. and Melissa A. Sprague to Karl M. Chocensky and Anna L. Fultz. 

    Randolph B. Higgins to Tracy Harford and Bridget Cook. 


    Peter L. and Margaret L. Quimby to Allyssa Grefory. 

    Kathleen Danchuk MCKeithen to McKeithen Family Trust. 

    Donald W. and Bertha L. Maxim to Jason D. Cunningham

    Travis J. Ripley to Christopher Higgins. 

    Donald W. and Bertha L. Maxim to Jason D. Cunningham. 

    Travis J. Ripley to Christopher Higgins. 

    Donald W. and Betha L. Maxim to Aaron J. and Courtney Lewis. 


    Randall S. Chapman to Town of Troy. 


    Susan J. Lombard to Courtney Deane and Robert A. Casper Jr. 

    Robert A. and Sharon J. Botelle to Brian M. and Jean M. Hillery. 

    Nancy C. Lehouillier to Richard P. Scaife. 

    Cedarwood Group LLC and Cedarwood LLC to Unity Holdings LLC. 


    Steven E. and Kathleen F. Miles to Sadie Lloyd Mudge. 

    Marlarae L. Boehmer to Bejamin C. and Gabrielle A. Hymes. 

    Elizabeth Whitman to John Brown. 


    John Bonadio to Lawrence White. 

    Judy A. Belcher to Daniel and Janet Potenza. 

    Robert E. and Moira Myers to Jozlyn P. and Ivan G. Fitzwater. 

    Alan E. and Stephanie A. Landry to Amanda L. and Philip H. Foley. 

    Michae B. Bruehl Est. to Leon E. Souweine Jr. 

    Janet M. Bruehl to Leon E. Souwuine Jr. 

    Joanna W. Owen Revocable Trust to Alyssa and Brady Harriman. 

    Christopher G. and Elizabeth A. Elliott to Frank and Maria Ficalora. 

    Duane C. Damon Est. to Beyond the Meter. 

    Michae D. Lynch to Richard and Michelle Lynch.

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