VIDEO: Secretary of State determines order of July ballot’s bond questions

Tue, 04/21/2020 - 11:00am

    AUGUSTA — The Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap drew the order of the bond questions for the July 14 Special Referendum Election ballot by random drawing this morning, April 21, in his office at the Nash School Building in Augusta. 

    The drawing is a public proceeding, but due to social distancing efforts in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, the department opted to livestream the event. As such, you can view the video below. 

    Voters will decide on the two bond questions in the Special Referendum Election voting on this statewide ballot on the same day as the State Primary Election.

    The first bond question, based on the random drawing, will be the Internet Infrastructure BondDo you favor a $15,000,000 bond issue to invest in high-speed internet infrastructure for unserved and underserved areas, to be used to match up to $30,000,000 in federal, private, local or other funds?

    The second bond question, based on the random drawing, will be the Transportation Bond: Do you favor a $105,000,000 bond issue for improvement of highways and bridges statewide and for multimodal facilities or equipment related to transit, freight and passenger railroads, aviation, ports, harbors, marine transportation and active transportation projects, to be used to match an estimated $275,000,000 in federal and other funds?