Letter to the edito: Susan W. Longley

Time to give Sara Gideon opportunity to be the Sen. Margaret Chase Smith-style leader Maine expects

Sat, 10/24/2020 - 9:00pm

As an independent-thinking Maine citizen who comes from a family dedicated to public service, I value non-partisanship, candor and getting things done. Maine’s challenges are great, and we need to make sure that our elected representatives focus on the needs of Mainers over partisanship.

I am voting for Sara Gideon because I believe that she represents the next generation of leadership in Maine and has shown us that she knows how to lead from a position of building consensus.

Not so anymore with our long-time Senator Collins. Her time in Washington has changed her, and we need to count on leaders who will bring us together.

Though I have voted for Collins in the past, she has missed too many of her Senator Margaret Chase Smith leadership moments. Who can figure that her unsure rationalizing over her Justice Kavanaugh vote? Who can figure either her past filing with the Supreme Court in opposition to affordable health care act or her critical vote weakening health care and setting the stage for the Supreme Court challenge to be heard the week after the election?

With all due thanks for her years of service, I think it time we give a strong, Maine leader, Sara Gideon, an opportunity to be the Sen. Margaret Chase Smith style leader Maine expects, needs and wants.

I hope you will join me in casting your ballot for Sara Gideon.

Susan W. Longley lives in Liberty