Searsport voters approve four municipal referendum questions

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 2:45pm

    SEARSPORT — Voters in Searsport cast ballots July 14 on four municipal referendum questions. 

    Each of those questions, ultimately, passed. Below is a breakdown of the votes. 

    Question 1: Appropriation of up to $150,000 to fund items within the 2020 budget otherwise raised by taxes? 

    Yes: 543 votes
    No: 95 votes

    Question 2: Appropriation of up to $100,000 from money drawn down in 2012 from Maine State Retirement to fund items within the budget otherwise raised by taxes? 

    Yes: 453 votes
    No: 182 votes

    Question 3: Designate a municipal development and tax increment financing district? 

    Yes: 408 votes
    No: 218 votes

    Question 4: Amend marijuana ordinance to allow for one permit for a marijuana medical dispensary in the mixed residential zone and to remove the ability of one marijuana testing facility and one marijuana cultivation facility in that zone? 

    Yes: 324 votes
    No: 301 votes