Letter to the editor: Samantha Seavey

Robyn Stanicki is best candidate for the job

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 6:45pm

July 14th is an important date for Waldo County- it will be time to vote for the primaries. While there are three Democratic candidates for the state Senate, my vote will be going to Robyn Stanicki.

Having lived in Winterport and now Belfast, Robyn is no stranger to Waldo County and how important a sense of community is. For years, she has been supporting local businesses. This has only strengthened after relocating to Belfast and meeting people from many walks of life.

Robyn is running for office to make change in legislation that will benefit us all. She has already done work on legislation that brings issues such as poverty, healthcare, and education to the forefront. This is done with compassion, determination, and challenging the way things are done. Robyn is willing to put in the time to fully research issues, listen to others' ideas and struggles, and promote the importance of change and appropriate wording in legislation.

I am voting for Robyn on July 14th because I believe she is the best candidate for the job. Not only is she used to fighting for what she believes is right, she doesn't give up. After not meeting the clean elections qualifying deadline, Robyn paused to regroup and came up with a new plan to go after what she wanted. She is fighting for her dreams of becoming a state senator to represent the people of Waldo County in their dreams of a better life.

Samantha Seavey lives in Belfast