Prospect prepares for Aug. 21 municipal election

Tue, 08/11/2020 - 3:45pm

    PROSPECT — The Town of Prospect will be holding a municipal election and referendum Friday, Aug. 21. 

    The town will not be a holding an annual town meeting this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Below are the articles appearing on the ballot that will be presented to voters. 

    Article 2: Municipal Positions

    Selectman Candidate: Calvin Cooper

    Road Commissioner Candidates: Charles Boynton and Harland Gamble, Sr. 

    RSU 25 School Board Candidate: Heather Rickman

    Article 3: Shall the town vote to enact the revised shore land zoning ordinance and repeal the current ordinance? 

    Article 4: Shall the town vote to appropriate up to $90,000 of the 2020 excise tax revenue for officers’ salaries, employee’s payroll, and related expenses? 

    Town Clerk: up to $26,780
    Selectmen: $4,000 each
    Fire Chief: $3,000
    Code Enforcement: $3,500
    Fire Fighters: $5,500
    Ballot Clerks: Unknown
    Deputy Town Clerk: Up to $20,000
    Health Officer: $150
    EMA Director: $1,000
    Animal Control: $3,000
    Assessor: $8,200
    Medicare and Social Security: Unknown

    Article 5: Shall the town vote to raise $361,220 for the following accounts and deposit any unexpended balances into previously established insured cash sweep accounts? 

    Stockton Springs Ambulance: $7,500
    Down East YMCA: $1,100
    General Assistance: $1,500
    Insurance: $13,000
    Planning Board: $500
    Prospect Historical Society: $500
    Town Road Resurface: $60,000
    Snow and Ice Removal: $132,800
    WCAP: $2,000
    Cemeteries: $4,000
    Fire Department: $16,000
    General Expense: $26,500
    Municipal Buildings: $11,000
    Prospect Community Club Heat: $2,500
    Town Road Repair: $22,000
    Septic Disposal: $1,725
    Solid Waste: $56,000
    Social Agencies: $2,595

    Article 6: Shall the town vote to appropriate from surplus up to $120,700 for the following accounts? 

    Attorney: $3,500
    Recycle: $7,200
    Reduction of Taxes: up to $100,000
    Fire Department: $5,000
    Unanticipated Expenses and Emergencies: $5,000

    Article 7: Shall the town vote to authorize the selectmen to administer the following as approved at previous town meetings? 

    Set the rate of interest of unpaid taxes at 8%

    Authorize selectmen to spend up to 4/5 of the budgeted amount in each budget category of the 2020 annual budget during the period of January 1, 2021 to the 2021 annual town meeting

    Set rate of interest on abated taxes at 1%

    Authorize selectmen to accept and expend on behalf of the town, federal and state funds which may be received in the form of grants or any other purpose during the ensuing year and act on anything relative thereto

    Authorize selectmen to accept funds as provided by the Maine State Legislature

    Authorize selectmen to dispose of town owned personal property under such terms as they deem advisable

    Authorize selectmen on behalf of the town to borrow up to $50,000 in tax anticipation money during the ensuing year

    Authorize selectmen to accept and expend money received from DOT local road assistance program

    To raise 5% of net tax commitment from overlay to pay for tax abatements and any interest due thereon

    Article 8: Shall the town vote to authorize the selectmen to continue spending based on the 2019 budget if articles 4, 5, 6, or 7 are defeated?