Letter to the editor: Steve Cartwright

A President Bernie Sanders might be just what America needs

Tue, 01/07/2020 - 5:30pm

One of my very Republican relatives, who lived near Burlington, Vermont, admired that city's Mayor, Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders seems to be surging, with broad appeal across party lines.

Could Bernie be the Presidential candidate who brings us together? He is honest. He says what he thinks. He's got some good ideas. Like, billionaires should start paying their fair share, and big business doesn't need your money handed to them as welfare. Your hard-earned money should not be subsidizing insurance companies, drug makers and big oil. Your kids should have the same ability to go to college as rich kids, without a lifetime of debt. They should be able to earn a decent living without taking three low-wage jobs.

And your kids should have a future, in an environment that sustains them.

A President Bernie Sanders might be just what America needs.

Steve Cartwright lives in Tenants Harbor