Nomination papers due by 4:30 p.m., April 10

Lincolnville citizens stepping forward to run for select board, school committee

Thu, 04/02/2020 - 1:00pm

    LINCOLNVILLE — While disruptions are common this spring, municipalities are working hard to keep local government on track, and on schedule. In Lincolnville, as the town shapes its budget for 2020-2021, candidates hoping to serve on the select board, school committee and other municipal committees are returning their nomination papers to the town office.

    “As of right now the deadline for return of nomination papers is 4:30 p.m., April 10,” said Lincolnville Town Administrator David Kinney. “At this moment I do not foresee this deadline being altered.”

    He said: “We are still preparing like we will have elections in June but it is too early to tell so we are also beginning contingency planning for the possibility of a delay.  Stay tuned.”

    So far, the following citizens have returned nomination papers:

    Board of Selectmen (2 positions for 3 year terms)
    Joshua Gerritsen, Nomination Papers returned (signatures verified)
    Frank Capri, Nomination Papers taken out
    Michael Ray, Nomination Papers returned (papers returned this morning, signatures not yet verified)

    Lincolnville Central School Committee (2 positions for 3 year terms)
    John Williams, Nomination Papers returned (signatures verified)
    Tracee O’Brien, Nomination Papers taken out

    Budget Committee (3 positions for 3 year terms)
    Dorothy-Ann Lanphear, Nomination Papers returned (signatures verified)
    Charles Edward O’Brien, Nomination Papers taken out
    Garry Schwall, Nomination Papers taken out

    Budget Committee (2 positions for 1 year terms)
    Kimberly Grinnell – Nomination Papers taken out