Town by town, by small cities, the numbers are recorded in entirety

Knox and Waldo County results are all in, ending an election year like no other in recent history

Wed, 11/04/2020 - 1:00pm

    Wow. What a wild ride for Election Year 2020, and the Pilot is happy to report that results for all municipalities in Knox and Waldo counties are in, filed, and tabulated. The mission of getting voter results of our region of Maine for public review is complete!

    For those wanting to know how their particular communities voted on candidates, or on local issues, visit our special election page, which will remain front and center through the end of this election cycle, before becoming part of our historical archives.

    Click here for our election results page. thanks all the municipal clerks and staff for their hard work in ensuring the democratic process endured during a very strange year, and with the volume of early voting.

    We thank them for getting their results to us, and the other press, for figuring out the “overs and unders” with the new ranked choice voting system, and for taking their jobs proudly and seriously.

    We lament the divisive state of our country today, but the fundamental infrastructure of our towns and small cities is intact, and strong, thanks to municipal staff and volunteers.