Letter to the editor: Rosemary Limmen

Joe Biden is an honest, trustworthy, empathetic man who loves our country

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 6:45pm

I am writing as a concerned mom and grandmother, retired corporate officer, and current Tenants Harbor business owner and volunteer. Born in May 1946 and one of our country’s oldest “Baby Boomers,” I have lived through the Civil Rights demonstrations of the 1960s and the Vietnam War protests of the 1970s. And that is why I am writing.

Recently, a younger friend asked me, “Were you as fearful and full of anxiety during those years as you seem to be right now?”

“No,” I replied. “Despite the civil unrest, the demonstrations and protests, and the issues that divided the country, I was never as afraid then as I am today.”

Our leaders, whether Democrat or Republican, were not inciting division, manipulating the truth, creating fear with fake news, and denying scientific fact. We believed they cared about us, loved our country, respected the Constitution, and were working hard—across the aisles of Congress— to discuss issues and enact legislation that would make America a better place for all of us to live, work and raise our families.

I never felt that our American values and democratic way of life were in danger. I never heard any president during those difficult years defend (or try to befriend!) authoritarian despots, ridicule our Allies, or call veterans (like my dad) “suckers” or “losers” for fighting to defend our freedoms.

I am voting for Joe Biden because I believe he is an honest, trustworthy and empathetic man who loves our country. I believe he understands and cares about the issues that affect me, my family and all Americans. His leadership style demonstrates that he values commitment and compromise, not chaos. I believe he will do all he can to heal divisions and unite our country.

As Election Day nears, Joe asks us to put aside partisan politics and vote...not for red or blue...but as “Americans” concerned about our children’s and grandchildren’s future and the future health and stability of our country, our world and our planet.

I hope you will listen to Joe, believe his heartfelt words, and join me in voting for the man most qualified to lead our country.

Rosemary Limmen lives in Tenants Harbor