Belfast man arrested after drugs, weapons found at home

Fri, 11/13/2020 - 8:15pm

    BELFAST — A Belfast man was arrested Nov. 11, after a parole check resulted in the discovery of a variety of weapons, all in violation of conditions of his release. 

    According to a media report from the Maine State Police, members of the Troop D squad conducted a parole check on Trevor Cannell, 26, of Poors Mills Road, when the weapons were found. 

    Cannell is currently on parole for burglary, robbery, and unlawful possession of schedule W drugs on charges based out of Missouri. Part of Cannell’s parole includes stipulations prohibiting him from the use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, in addition to prohibiting possession or use of illegal drugs, and the misuse of prescription drugs.

    Cannell was allegedly found seated in a bedroom in the home during the check, and located within the immediate area around Cannell were several dangerous weapons, according to the report. The weapons discovered near Cannell included four large fixed-blade knives, three folding knives, a tee-ball bat, a stun gun flashlight, a brass knuckle stun gun, and pepper spray, police said.

    A backpack was also located next to Cannell, which was found to contain a ski mask, a club inscribed with the word ‘kill,’ and a replica Glock pistol, police said.

    According to the report, also located in the home was a “collection of cut drug straws containing white residue, a pill crusher, a pill canister containing white powder, which has yet been identified, two digital drug scales, and 79 eight mg suboxone strips.” Cannell was found to be in criminal possession of suboxone. 

    Based on the items located in the home, Cannell was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of schedule W drugs and is being held on a parole violation for possession of dangerous weapons, misuse of prescription drugs, and new criminal conduct. 

    The report notes that Cannell is also a person of interest in an unrelated investigation into a crime of violence where weapons were used. 

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