Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 04/06/2021 - 5:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from March 22-29 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Ellen M. Taylor to Ellen M. Taylor Living Trust, Ellen M. Taylor Tr. and Ellen M. Tayor Tr.


    Mary Beth Thomas and Mary Beth Leone to Mary Beth Thomas.

    RTR Investments LLC to 40 Washington Street LLC.

    Upland Meadow LLC to Patricia R. Carleton and Nancy R. McPherson.

    Patricia R. Carleton and Nancy R. McPherson to Upland Meadow LLC.

    Russell A Penny Jr. to Robert G. Edmonds and Mari K. Edmonds.

    Scott B. Penney to Robert G. Edmonds and Mari K. Edmonds.

    25 Knowlton Street LLC to Elena M. Ionescu, Shmuel D. Ashkenasi and Michael S. Ashkenasi.


    John Olson Jr. to William N. Smith.

    Karl E. Stein and Lean McCabe to Karl E. Stein Tr., Leah McCabe Tr., and Stein McCabe Joint Living Trust.

    Wayne E. Hilt and Joyce A. Hilt to Mark P. Colson, Michelle L. Colson and Mark P. Colson Jr.


    John C. Files and Julia M. Files to Seth Adam Morrissette.

    Peter C. Armstrong Tr., Barbara C. Armstrong Tr., Robert W. Armstrong Jr. Revocable Living Trust Declaration and Suzanne B. Armstrong Revocable Living Trust Declaration.


    Zachary Ryan Nelson to Zachary Ryan Nelson and Danielle J. Dyer.


    Joseph C. Bray to Rachel L. Deschamps and Christopher C. Deschamps.

    North Haven

    Stephen Little Jr. and Patricia J. Little to Patricia J. Little Tr., Stephen Little Jr. Tr., Patricia J. Little Revocable Trust and Stephen Little Jr. Revocable Trust.

    Deirdre Michalopoulos and Christopher J. Vlasto to Birch Hill North Haven LLC.

    Owls Head

    Eliot A. Scott to Eliot A. Scott and Constance M. Scott.

    Ruth Y. Ross to Todd R. Nickles.

    Rockport Property Holdings LLC to James M. Higdon Jr. and Patricia M. Higdon.


    Ellen M. Taylor to Ellen M. Taylor Living Trust, Ellen M. Taylor Tr. and Ellen M. Tayor Tr.

    Long Property Management Inc. to Aaron Crossman and Erin E. Leonard.

    Jill S. Valliere and Marcel Valliere to Adam F. Turner.

    Jeffrey L. Baker to Jeffrey L. Baker Tr. and Jeffrey Lynn Baker Revocable Trust.

    Melanie T. Landi and Samuel S. Ives to Melanie T. Landi.


    Elaine D. Coulon to Timothy J. Weber and Katherine H. Weber.

    Eileen FL Webber Tr., Dwight Sherwood Webber Trust, Eileen Florence Leach Webber Trust and Eileen Florence Webber Tr to Dale S. Webber and Amy C. Woodbury Webber.

    Kenneth A. Smith to Judith A. Dane and Paul R. Dane.

    Richard R. Lavoie and Paula Lavoie to Kristen M. Card.

    Roxanne Karen Mullis to Mark Mullis and Valerie Ann Mullis.

    St. George

    Long Property Management LLC to Caryn Arlene Godin and Jay Alan Godin.

    Sally J. Cocco to John S. Davis Tr., Sally K. Davis Tr. and John S. Davis Living Trust.

    George C. Halls and Sons Inc. to Daniel L. Thomas.

    MaryBeth Ann Sanchez to Patrick T. Sanchez Tr., MaryBeth A. Sanchez Tr. and Patrick T. Sanchez and MaryBeth A. Sanchez Joint Trust.

    Mabel H. Cabot to Mabel H. Cabot Tr. and Mabel H. Cabot Revocable Trust.

    South Thomaston

    Michael D. Ragan and Elizabeth C. Ragan Tr. to Michael D. Ragan Tr., Elizabeth C. Ragan Tr. and Ragan Family Revocable Trust.


    Phyllis Elaine Wiggin and Harold Leroy Wiggin and Phyllis Elaine Wiggin Living Trust to Matthew A. Allen and Traci L. Allen.

    Mary Ann Kleschick to Sean Tabb and Jennifer Tabb.


    Drew W. Butler Est. to Susan A. Butler.

    Drew W. Butler Est. and Rand Butler to Zachery D. Butler.

    Drew W. Butler Est. to Zachery Butler.

    Dennis M. Fullerton and Kelli E. Fullerton to David Eli Morin.


    Chelsea Blais and Christopher J. Blais to Patricia B. Agri and Adriana Agri Diiorio.

    Jay Christopher Pinchbeck to Xuemei Zhong and Wends Gao.


    Wade Bartlett to Robin W. Folger and Sophie L. Berger.

    Mitchell A. Garnett and Cheryl S. Garnett to Mitchell Garnett Tr., Mitchell Garnett and Cheryl Garnett Living Trust and Cheryl Garnett Tr.

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