Belfast Councilors slip back into uncontested seats; school board members elected

Wed, 11/04/2020 - 1:00am

    BELFAST — Without competition, Belfast City Councilors Mary Mortier, Neal Harkness and Paul Dean easily regained their seats.

    Mortier received 3,074 votes; Harkness, 3,021; and Dean, 2994.

    Susan Bailey ran unopposed for Warden for Wards Three and Five, with 3,025 votes.

    Jill Goodwin ran unopposed for Deputy Warden for Wards One and Two with 3,019 votes.

    Additionally, David Crabiel was elected to RSU 71 with 2,678 votes, as was Joshua Solebello, with 2,022 vote, both for three-year terms. They ran unopposed.