Letter to the editor: Joan Petersen

Why do I support President Donald J. Trump?

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 7:30pm

My litmus test when selecting between presidential candidates is twofold. First, a president must be our chief “cheerleader” in support of our country and its people with the ability to inspire for the betterment of our society. Our President, Donald J. Trump freely admits he loves our country and all her people, including the unborn.  Secondly, the president must have the clearness of mind and strength of character to be in control of the “red button”--i.e. crisis situations. By closing our borders early during the covid crisis, despite expert advice to the contrary, he demonstrated great regard for the people over the economics of the situation. 

From day one, he has promised to uplift our country in spirit, renewing our sense of faith in equal opportunity for all. Enthusiastically, he stated his goals of building up jobs and employment for all Americans and came through with positive results. Prior to covid, he achieved remarkable and record breaking levels of employment for Black Americans and women. Likewise, the economy was booming and companies were returning from offshore locations. Wages were up and taxes were down for middle and lower wage earners. What he did with our economy, he can do again. He is a builder, who has proven he has the skills to envision and bring about new and effective change. Covid has exposed the level of critical drug manufacturing that is done in China and elsewhere. He will work to bring drug manufacturing back here where it belongs, increasing jobs and health safety. Never has a president been able to deliver on his promises as Donald Trump has. Even, and especially, doing all this while under the stress of a hostile and uncooperative opposition party, who manufactured false charges and impeachment. (Doubters read the recently released Senate report that Adam Schiff kept under lock and key, which contains his hidden “ evidence”. Kept locked up,  as it actually stated that CIA's Brennan ignored career analysts contrary input that Putin helped Clinton, not Trump. Hastily constructed, ignoring long standing checks and balances for these documents, it was released two weeks before the election of 2016. Perfect timing to influence the election, wouldn't you say.)

President Trump promised to renew the worldwide prestige of America through tough negotiations to redo long standing trade and military agreements to make them more favorable for us. Getting NATO to pay its fair share showed that President Trump is a man with an inquisitive mind who is fearless in seeking the best for his country. He met with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and averted war. Unlike the previous president, he did not announce a red line in the sand which was unenforced, destroying our credibility. President Trump's negotiations with an enemy nation of long standing produced a most favorable outcome. Note that we are no longer involved in pointless, military career building wars of perpetual standing. We are using our rebuilt military capability to prevent wars. Peace is a beautiful thing, wouldn't you agree? 

Another promise kept; strengthening our borders. President Trump has put Americans first in their safety and first in line for jobs. No longer are our borders porous for the criminal element of drug traffickers, such as those who make a beeline for the state of Maine and infect our people with the scourge of hideous drug addictions. 

President Trump's accomplishments have been extremely beneficial to America and her role the world stage. I am proud that he has moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. However, I am prouder still that he capably brokered peace deals between Arab nations and Israel – a seemingly impossible feat and boon to world peace. Sorry, doubters, but President Trump has pulled off perhaps the biggest present to the world in terms of peace that has ever been accomplished.

I want more of this results-based action America first presidency! 

Think about why anyone would slander, vilify, and plant false evidence against this president? Recall President Eisenhower's warning against the military-industrial complex? In life, always follow the money trail, it will lead you to your answers. Who benefits if the American middle class is destroyed? It isn't you. 

Socialism has leaders too, and they ALWAYS dictate what the citizens do. Without fail. Without freedom. With no means for the populace to effect change - no free (responsible) press, no guns, controlled communication. You get the picture.

I pray you do. 

Our President has done so much for us, now it is your turn to help him. Be sure to vote on November 3 or with an early ballot.


JoAn Petersen lives in Swanville