Letter to the editor: Michael Hurley

Ensure a healthy future by voting for Chip Curry

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 1:30pm

I hope you will  join me and support Chip Curry as the next Waldo County Senator for the Maine Senate.

I have served as Mayor or City Councilor in Belfast for 20 years and when it comes to Maine state senators and representatives and Maine government I only think of how their actions will affect the people of Belfast.

Waldo County Republicans are running under the banner of “Make Maine Great Again.”  They want to take us back.

Every property owner, school child, parent, educator, and taxpayer has suffered due to the cuts in local education and state revenue sharing which resulted in shifting the burden to the towns and school districts causing higher taxes for all. The harm the LePage administration and the Republican Party did to small towns and cities such as Belfast is enormous and continues to drive high property taxes today.

They gutted support for affordable housing which the Mills administration and Maine State Legislature immediately made a priority.  Same with solar and wind power.

Until Maine Senators and Representatives had a working majority Maine was stuck in the dark ages. 

Chip Curry has spent the last three decades working and raising a family in Waldo County. He knows Waldo County and he knows Maine. He understands the real issues that affect us all in our homes, schools, businesses.

We don’t have to wonder about Chip Curry trying to take us back to a broken past. Maine is recovering from a failed agenda.

Please join me in making certain we ensure a healthy future by voting for Chip Curry for Maine Senate.

Michael Hurley lives in Belfast