Letter to the editor: Emmett Shell

A youth vote for Paige Zeigler

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 7:30pm

As a young person, I know there are multiple reasons to be worried about my future: climate change, a global pandemic, student debt and other issues dominate headlines and give me and my peers serious doubts about our future prosperity. Fortunately, I take comfort knowing there are incredible public servants working hard every day to right these wrongs and help create a better tomorrow for young people.  Paige Zeigler, my state representative, is one of these people.

Paige believes that climate change is real and is an innovative thinker who fights to move Maine and Waldo County toward cleaner energy sources. First, we need better climate education in school and legislators that believe in science, like Paige. Paige also knows student debt for college students like myself is a pressing issue that affects students and families for generations, which is why he supports plans to lower student debt and make college more affordable.

Young people like me living in Montville, or in Palermo, Liberty, Freedom, Lincolnville, Searsmont or Belmont need high-speed internet to attend our classes and do our jobs.

This has been a growing issue for years and COVID-19 has made it only more urgent. Paige understands the need to invest in not just 20th century infrastructure, but 21st century infrastructure. And I know he’ll fight for affordable healthcare for me and the people I love.

Young people like me shouldn’t be forced to leave the town they love in search of a good-paying job or affordable healthcare, and we should be able to grow up in the world without being afraid of a future planet ravaged by climate change.

A vote for Paige Zeigler is a vote in the right direction on each of these issues, so please join me in supporting Paige and protecting my future. 

Emmett Shell, age 21, lives in Montville