Letter to the editor: Chrisso Rheault

We are in good hands with Dave Miramant piloting for us in Augusta

Mon, 09/28/2020 - 11:45pm

We entrust our elected officials with certain obligations and decisions, and we vote for those whose values and commitment to our community align with our own, but I would and have literally trusted Senator Dave Miramant with my life, and boy am I glad I did.

Several years ago, Dave took me on a glider flight over Knox County. His love and connection to our community was never more clear on that flight. He talked about the people and places we were flying over as we literally soared with the eagles and sailed over the bay from Friendship to the Camden Hills. I knew I was not only safe in that glider with Dave piloting, but I also felt even more connected to our community after that flight.

Recently, an elderly friend was having issues with CMP trying to get them to repair the utility poles on her property. Dave was not only ready and willing to engage, but he actually helped solve the problem. This is just one of countless examples of Dave helping our neighbors and finding solutions.
I have known Dave and seen his work in the legislature since he first ran for the House 14 years ago. His work balancing the needs of our working waterfront with protecting our coastal resources has always impressed me. His ability to find common ground and drive solutions is typical of Dave’s work, his support for small business owners, and his genuine care for all the people of our community and of Maine. We are in good hands with Dave piloting for us in Augusta.
I will wholeheartedly be voting for Senator Dave Miramant again this November 3.
Chrisso Rheault lives in Camden