Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 09/14/2021 - 1:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 2-20. 


    Doris T. Peaslee to Melvin and Alexandra Schierman. 

    John Pranio and J. Toki Oshima to Alison A. Locke and Cedric S. Rogers. 

    Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Ryan Larochelle and Sarah Leighton. 

    Leon S. Gallant and Judith E. Rivera-Gallant to Joseph L. Gallant. 

    Joshua E. Oxley to Eileen S. Gatewood. 

    Mohammad A. Ahmed to Easkey Right LC. 

    Mena F. Holmes to Maia LLC. 

    Clyde B. Holmes III to Maia LLC.

    Natascia La Verde to David P. Grasso and Laurie J. Robertson. 

    Peter C. Zuck to Jacob A. Puente and Cara C. Lustgarten. 

    Brian E. and Carolyn R. Smith to Carolyn R. Smith Living Trust. 

    Heidi L. Ritchie and Heidi L. Bouchard to Kristin Clements. 

    Wayne J. Corey and Emile S. Maroun to Belfast Route 137 Property LLC. 

    Samuel E. Cassida to Nordic Aquafarms Inc. 

    Elizabeth G. Slade to Rising Tide Shores LLC and Lisa Newcomb. 

    John P. and Kathryn J. Dufour to Kathleen M. Hermann. 

    Briana K. and Adrian J. Ellis, and Briana K. Grant to Rachel A. and William E. Van Carpels. 

    Sidney Low Jr. to Lucas H. and Molly Miller. 

    Union District Sunday School and Ford Chapel Full Gospel to Isaac and Emily Keyes.

    Robert K. and Kimberly P. McGill to Marcia Ladd-Spears. 

    Galyn M. Savage to David Duval. 

    Deanna L. Bielenberg to GNZ Holdings LLC. 

    Deanna L. Bielenberg to GNZ Holdings LLC. 

    Dori T. and Eskinder Hailu to Caitlin Owen Hunter and Bradley Hunter. 

    Carolyn R. Smith Living Trust to Brian E. and Carolyn R. Smith. 

    1. Alan Koski to David F. and Mary E. Martinelli. 

    Elizabeth J. Moore to Patricia L. Crichton and Adrienne M. Bouque. 

    Knox Brothers Inc. to 105 High Street LLC and One Hundred Five High Street LLC. 

    Samul Grant Cushing to Donald J. Christensen and Alicia H. Michalowicz. 

    Carolyn R. and Brian E. Smith to Carolyn R. Smith Living Trust. 

    Richard P. Rumney Living Trust to Gary and Mary Guindon, and Nicole Macleod. 

    Sharon A. Clements to Travis C. Hurd. 

    Robert Christian Dolloff Est. to Deborah W. Smith. 


    Amy C. Reid to Amy C. Reid and Christopher Dunlop.

    Ann H. Bucklin Est. to Rusty J. McDermott. 

    Linda Bucklin Est. to Rusty J. McDermott. 

    Christine Talcott Roberts and Gary A. Roberts to William J. and Martha L. Cyr. 

    Maury P. Hepner to Jacob Hepner. 

    Bobbi D. Peckham to Kristine Ann Giefer. 


    Leon S. Gallant to Joseph Lee Gallant. 

    Evelyn R. Wentworth to Lance D. Oliver. 


    Lauritz K. Wentworth to Lauritz K. and Carl L. Solheim. 

    John W. Cook Tr., John W. Cook PR RP, Catherine S. Breau Est., and Catherine Sue Cook Est. to GML Investments LLC. 

    Craig R. and Sharon M. Littlefield to Samantha Webster. 

    Mark L. Dow to Becky A. Isabelle. 


    Thomas J. and James F. Landry to Dan Duong and Nquyet Q. Huyah. 

    Bank of America NA and Ty L. Bishop to Bank of America NA.

    Sharon and Milford Bishop to Sharon and Milford Bishop. 

    Scott Martin to Robert Veino. 


    Kenneth L. Shaw to Jacques J. Morin. 

    Brian Jones and Anni Outinen-Jones to Jenna Payne, Danielle Kilroy, and Natassia Mullally. 

    Robert M. Kanzler to Robert M. and Rebecca Kanzler.

    Shawn Gilley Est. to Joseph H. Travis IV. 


    Virginia A. and Thomas P. Gohagan to Six Hundred Twenty One Pendleton Point Road LLC and 621 Pendleton Point Road LLC. 

    Virginia Ann Gohagan Declaration of Trust to Six Hundred Twenty One Pendleton Point Road LLC and 621 Pendleton Point Road LLC. 

    Thomas L. and Tom L. Bolduc to Gregory and Lauren Janney. 

    Arlene Malvitch to Sasha Mulcahey. 

    Thomas Goodale to Nathaniel Bowditch Emery Goodale, Kate Dana Goodale, and Joseph Goodale. 

    Barn Home LLC to Long Swamp Properties LLC. 

    Deborah Trasko to Sandy Elliot Randlett and Sarah Wilbur Randlett. 


    Thomas E. Burgess to Thomas E., Boone E., and Barbara A. Burgess.

    Stephanie Burton to Joseph P. Moceikis. 


    William A. and Steven D. Bailey to Michael Philbrick. 

    Glenda Iola Doughty Est. to Scott and Cindy Bohlen. 


    James A. Baker to Carles Phillips and Maureen Brennan. 

    Guy Hews to Michael J. and Abby L. Vanderbrug. 

    Roland L. Singer IV to Leroy K. and Angel L. Frost. 

    Robert W. and Wendy J. Mackey to Angela C. MacDonald. 

    Marcelle A. Rogin to Marcelle A. Rogin and Cody M. Rawstron. 

    Joanne E. Pease to 131 McClain Road LLC and One Hundred Thirty-One Mclain Road LLC.

    Guy Hews to Michael J. and Abby L. Vanderburg. 


    Michael J. and Jane E. Cummons to Petra J. Simmons and Jeremy D. Schoonhoven. 

    Ocean Falls Estates LLC to Penobscott Bay LLC. 

    Bernard A. Dinsmore to Jamie Leathers. 

    Bruce R. Lively and Ann P. Rutherford to Robert J. and Dianne Leonard. 

    Leon A. Smith Jr. and Amy Smith to Fabrice and Jennifer Roux. 

    James A. Munroe Jr. and Richard Nightingale to David and Amy Lacouture. 

    Jason Sutheit to Jason Stutheit. 

    Jason Stutheir to Jason Stutheit. 

    Manuel P., Maryann, and Mary Ann Mercier to Kamino LLC. 

    Joanne L. McKee Est. to Joane L. McKee Family Trust. 

    Ezra B. Howell to Casey Engelman and Jesse Groening. 

    Christine B. Buckley to Jacob and Michele Metzler. 

    Coastal Mountains Land Trust to the State of Maine, and the State of Maine - Fisheries. 

    David N. Barrows Est. to Jonathan D. Barrows and Lisa E. Rosinsky. 

    Edward W. Mahoney and Lottie J. Wallace to John R. Lang. 


    Dean M. Brown Living Trust to Garrett W. Gatchell. 

    Nicholas J. Tripp to Nicholas J. and Sophia L. Tripp. 

    Town of Monroe to Robert Roye. 

    Frederick C. Brown and Clifford D. Brassbridge toFrederick C. Brown. 

    Mary Freeman and Mary F. Wickham to Scott and Shirley Ellis. 

    Andrew Goguen to Korey N. LaPointe. 

    Scott L. and Steven M. Story to Kevin and Felicia Gray. 

    Cassandra L. Horton to Jacob D Horton. 

    Gary L. & Melba D. Fisher Revocable Living Trust to Walter M. Lamont. 

    Kaylene and James Miller to Nicholas Payson and Kathryn Mickool. 

    Shannon Mayotte to Nancy Mayotte. 

    Shannon Mayotte to Nancy Mayotte. 

    Evan and Alana Hutchins to Eric Romelczyk. 

    Bette and John D. Woolsey to Sharon E. and Bruce E. McCullough. 


    Christopher A. and Patricia M. Dunn to G & K Holdings LLC.

    David R. Drinkwater Est. to Steven Streeter.

    Sambas LLC to Sambas Too LLC.

    Kathleen B. Foster and Kathleen B. Crosby to Kathleen B. and Todd Foster. 

    Donald T. and Margaret C. Lacoste to Alec Christopher Kurek and Alicia Knox Kurek. 

    William E. Paige to Carla L. and William E. Paife. 

    Michael S. Horn and Patricia D. Beliveau to Delfin M. Faustina and Dean A. Colburn. 


    Corey D. and Cheryl M. Tobey to Christian W. Dickinson and Stacey L. Spadea. 

    Ronald T. Townsley to Cody and Ashley Stewart. 

    Ethan A. and Callie Dyer to Ethan A. and Callie Dyer. 

    Susan I. Leary, Rodney H. and Patricia G. Glidden, Patricia G. Maillet, and Rebecca J. Glidden to Aaron J. and Angela L. Glidden. 

    Kirk and Judy Sherman to Christopher D. Quinby. 

    Joseph McDonald to Daniel Winterbottom and Ma Yan Mei. 


    The Town of Prospect to Joseph Rego. 

    Paul A. and Sheri L. Dyer to Chun Mak Chan. 


    Dennis R. Cooper to Deborah J. Cooper. 

    Ronald D. and Robin Clendenning, and Connie B. Carmichael to Brandon M. Henry. 

    Nadine Cotier to Barry McKinney. 

    Melvin Allen Wadsworth Est. to Leif H. McClellan. 

    Kyle and Adriane Koskinen, and Adriane Bragg to Peter J. Landwehr. 

    Catherine A. McGahan Est. to Harry A. Geller. 

    Catherine A. McGahan Est. to Chelsea R. Geller. 

    John Owen Cole Jr., John Owen Cole, and Joy Lee to John Owen Cole Jr. and Joy Lee.

    Alva Pollard to Danielle and Trevor Pollard.


    Rita Lynn Huddleston Revocable Living Trust to Dorothy B. and Jonathan S. Cole. 

    Michael R. and Nancy M. Boyington to Belfast Self-Storage. 

    John E. Kandetski Est. to Wendy J. Martin. 

    Richard B. and Janice Nickerson to D&C Properties LLC. 

    David D. Rogers to David D. Rogers Revocable Trust. 

    Denise Ryan to Kenneth L. Hall III.

    James Burgess Jr. and Rebecca J. Burgess to Nicholas and Julie Sevos. 

    Dawn Slaney Hill to Dawn B.S. Hill Irrevocable Trust. 

    Winston G. and Chanhom Curtis to Katherine Loblein. 

    Inez L. Feurtado Est. to Fin LLC. 

    Fin LLC to Esther A. and Maurice W. Darres. 

    John P. and Heidi M. Thomson to Sarah Blankenship. 

    Matthew and Amy LaRochelle to Eleanor M. Hutchinson.

    Stockton Springs

    Raymond R. Lheureux Living Trust and Barbara J. Lheureux Living Trust to Anthony and Amy Dallman-Jones. 

    Kristy L. Drew and Kristy Clark to Kristy L. and Mark D. Drew. 

    Nancy J. Beach and Lewis S. Cohn to Michael A. Ardolino. 

    Charlene E. Libby to Richard W. and Deborah J. Walter. 

    Pehr C. Olsson and Deborah A. Bergman to Linda and David Hallas. 

    Linda J. Gammon to William M. and Marie E. Herlich. 

    Laurence A. and L.A. Bjorklund to Laurence A. Bjorklund Revocable Trust. 

    Laurence A. and L.A. Bjorklund to Laurence A. Bjorklund Revocable Trust. 

    Leslie S. Devine to Mara Gallagher. 


    Leroy V. and Cathleen L. Slagle to Eric Houston Lyerly. 

    James A., James, Heather B., and Heather Flanders to Angela and Loren P. Bunker. 

    Timothy and Sandra Sweetland to Benjamin F. Spencer. 

    Lucas W. and Shannon M. Brewer to Franklin and Rebecca Haas. 

    Alison F. Pike and Jamin Keith to William J. Ray. 

    Andy E. and Wendy L. Grover to Alison L. Haskins, Joanne B. Desjardins, and Marilyn J. Brown. 

    Larry E. Newcomb to Charles and Kimmarie Cipolla. 


    Tammi D. Simmons Irrevocable Trust to Matthew C. and Kati Ann Curtis, and Kati Ann Simmons. 

    Roger C. Hodgdon Sr. and Doris V. Hodgdon to Lynn N. Kaufman. 


    Nancy C. Wendell Est. to Andrew G. Wendell. 

    Dean S. Pagliaroli Sr. to Kenneth Pagliaroli. 

    Sharon L. and Thomas Daley to Rita M. Brannan and Bruce D. Maurer. 


    Jeffrey S. and Christina L. Bradford to Allison K. Herrell and Nathaniel B. Perkins. 

    Richard and Marie Roberts to Doyle T. Bailey. 

    Dale Armstrong and Dale Armstrong Sr. to Dale Armstrong Jr. and Dodge Cody Armstrong. 

    Janette Johnson and Janette Nickerson to Janette and William R. Johnson. 


    Patrick and Mandi L. Thibodeau to Lana Hoertz. 

    Mary S. Wright to Melinda J. Merrill and Joseph D. Sprecher. 

    Barbara J. Goodwin to Terese M. Hinrichs. 

    Vickie M. Kimball to Autumn L. Hatch. 

    Christopher A. Lague Sr. to Armindy McFadden.

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