Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 04/21/2021 - 10:45am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 29 - April 9.


    Perryman Family Trust to Chelsea B. Cartwright and Kathleen Bertelsen Cartwright. 

    Phillip and Elaine R. Crossman to Jerry D. Marx and Susan Cole. 

    RSP Belfast 1 LLC and RSP Belfast 2 LLC to Atlantic Purchase LLC. 

    Ginsberg Ottmann Family Irrevocable Trust to Kathryn V. Saunders. 

    Kathryn V. Saunders to Ginsburg Ottman Family Irrevocable Trust. 

    RSP Belfast 1 LLC and RSP Belfast 2 LLC to 89 Concord Street LLC, Eighty Nine Concord Street LLC, Bearspaw Energy LLC, RYFF 1 LLC, RYFF 3 LLC, RYFF 9 LLC, RYFF 10 LLC, RYFF 11 LLC, and James T. Rymes Jr. 

    Frances M.E. Merrithew Est. to Gary E. Merrithew. 

    Allen A. Weaver Sr. Est. to Jennifer L. Weaver. 

    Trudy F. Miller and Robert M. Fargey to P&K Enterprises. 

    Deborah W. Dayton to Ryoko F. and James Shields. 

    Michael E. Marden to Ramona J. Marden Living Trust. 

    Stanley M. Lanphier III to Stanley M. Lanphier Jr. 

    Allen S. Hayward Est. to Julia K. Daley. 

    Searsport Avenue Apartments Inc. to Searsport Avenue Apartments LLC. 

    Stanley M. Lanphier Jr. to Stanley M. Lanphier Jr. and Christina M. Lanphier. 

    Eric and Agnes A. Schrader to Jaime Henriquez. 

    William D. and Patricia B. Raynard to Robert E. and Nancy D. Brown. 

    John R. and Dianne M. Long to John R. & Dianne M. Long Living Trust. 

    P&K Enterprises to Trudy F. Miller and Robert M. Fargey. 

    P&K Enterprises to 26 Spring Street LLC and Twenty Six Spring Street LLC. 

    Deborah K. Hensley and Jonathan D. Plengey to Jacqueline Robb. 


    Travis M. Haber to Wayne L. Woodbury. 

    Wayne L. Woodbury to Travis M. Haber. 

    Travis M. Haber to Wayne L. Woodbury. 

    Eric J. Richter to Brad E. and Tracy K. Rollerson. 

    Charles K. Thompson to Shane C. Alley. 

    Sheila F. Fuller to Jessica A. Walker. 


    Bruce H. Boon to Taryn and Makala Skinner. 

    Dale E. and Louise K. Hustus to Samuel B. and Lynn A. Gaughan. 

    James and Kaylene Miller to Jason Stuthheit. 


    Don H. Scott to Brent S. and Amy A. Chase. 

    Kathryn E. Kelley, Kathryn E. and Adam Boyer to Jesse Boyer. 

    Shelby R. and Brandon W. Wright-Bourne to Linda Hodgdon. 

    Linda Hodgdon to Earl Thompson. 

    Allen C. and Emily-Anne McCausland to Joshua T. and Misty J. Amburg, and Richard and Rebekah Davis. 

    Elisabeth Sanderson Shorey to Kate A. Broadfield, Kate A. and Margaret L. Shorey. 


    James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Charles S. Blackden and Lupita Van Blackden. 


    David F. Pottle to David F. and Jane C. Pottle. 

    Schiller Harvey Est. to Brenda Bragdon Corthell. 

    SDC Tingley Legacy Revocable Trust to Thomas F. Harms. 

    April A. and Norman W. Kirby to Hanlon Kelley and Geoff Maciolek. 


    Arthur Govoni Jr. and Lisa Govoni to Calvin and Sharon McCorison. 

    Calvin and Sharon McCorison to Authur Govoni Jr. and Lisa Govoni. 

    Cynthia A. Henderson, John D. Hooke, Elizabeth H. Hansen, and Marintha M. Iverson to Robert H. Hooke. 

    Marintha M. Iverson, Elizabeth H. Hansen, John D. Hooke, and Cynthia A. Henderson to Robert H. Hooke. 

    Dorothy W. Leach to Daniel V. Leach. 

    Dorothy W. Leach to Daniel V. Leach. 


    Mary Kim Correa to Wyatt Hurd. 

    Beverly Ann Ludden Est. to Christopher R. Cook and Christine Smith. 

    Lisa M. Ludden to Christopher R. Cook and Christine Smith. 


    Diana Davis and Diana E. Davis to Diana E. Davis and Deborah L. Bryant. 


    Arthur F. and Joyce I. Mosher, and Arthur F. Mosher Sr. to Arthur F. Mosher Jr. 

    Town of Liberty to Anita McFadden. 

    Robert M. Young to David W. St. Clair. 

    Cathleen A. Jack to Cathleen A. Holgerson to Arthur Mosher Jr. and Vicky Mosher. 

    Town of Liberty to Mark O’Neil and Beverly Kocenko. 

    Joyce C. Dow Est. to Sarah Wood. 

    Wayne R. Cole to Sarah Wood. 


    Samuel A.L. and Sadie L. Mudge to Barbara Sullivan. 

    Rodney S. and Joan Johnston to Danielle and Matthew Maguire. 


    Town of Monroe to Daniel and Audrey Forero. 

    Britni R. and Matthew R. Smith to Donald A. Lundgren Jr. and Ginger M. Lundgren. 


    Town of Montville to Henry Spaulding. 

    Edwin H. Veronesi Irrevocable Trust to Edwin H. Veronesi Irrevocable Trust.

    Edwin H. Veronesi Irrevocable Trust to Peter Brady and Graziella Cervi. 

    Town of Montville to Brandon Bouchard. 

    Alan Crichton and Lorna Rode-Crichton to 52 Kindom Road LLC and Fifty Two Kingdom Road LLC. 

    Christine A. Hubbard to Brenda J. Smith and Christine A. Hubbard. 

    Deborah M. and Nathan G. Peaslee to Ellie Peaslee.  


    Michael E. and Ramona J. Marden to Romana J. Marden Living Trust. 

    Scott L. Wood to Clifford Littlefield and James Woodbury.

    Anthony G. Swebilius to George R. Cutter Jr. 


    James P. Bowditch Jr. to James P. Bowditch Jr. and Maria K. Bowditch.

    James P. Bowditch Jr. to James P. Bowditch Jr. and Maria K. Bowditch.

    Northport Golf Corporation to Northport Golf Corporation. 

    Jason Stutheit to Steven A. and Teresa A. Carvalho. 

    Gregory Francis David Williams Revocable Trust and Jane Lojek Williams Revocable Trust to Robert F. and Barbara K. Christin. 

    James & Sharlene Kelly Trust to Brian K. and Dierdre K. Christin. 

    Susan R. Dean to Charles and Natalie Twitchell. 

    Lerette Trust to Cynthia A. & Charles W. Lerette Living Trust. 

    Larry A. Sawyer III and Jasmine D. Sawyer to Linda Cunningham. 


    Shawn D. and Deann W. Porter, and Deann E. Willoughby to Christopher D.G. Morse and Christine L. Winter Morse. 

    Joyce I. Mosher to Joyce I. Mosher and Arthur F. Mosher Jr. 

    Dale and Pamela J. McKenney to Crystal and Jacom McKenney. 

    Crystal and Jacob McKenney to Johann H. Geisel. 

    Town of Palermo to Neal and Theresa Pottle. 

    Christopher M. and Morgan L. Southworth to Justin Boss. 

    Beverly I. McKenney to Dennis J., Dale A., and Darryl McKenney, and Ilene Littlefield McKenney. 

    Bonnie E. Glazier to Bonnie E. Glazier and Christian J. Safford. 


    Mary E. Gallant to William B. and Karen M. Bolin. 

    Tammy M. Bridges to Tammy M. Bridges and Carlie Wargo. 

    Timothy Rego to Timothy Rego. 


    Charles E. Martz Jr. and Rebecca S. Martz to Amanda L. Whitcomb. 

    Jeffrey A. Rojo and Beth A. Jones to Allan J. Macphee and Cathy A. Braaten. 

    Merwin E. Harvey to Merwin E. and Faye L. Harvey. 

    Kim G and Laura D. Jenkins to Paul N. Calvert and Sarah F. O’Brien. 

    Mary Anne E. Riley to Mary Anne E. Riley Irrevocable Trust. 

    Beth A. Jones to Beth A. Jones and Jeffrey A. Rojo. 


    Philip A. and Jennifer A.K. Taylor to Margaret A. Knight. 

    Stephanie L. and Joshua McConnell to Kathleen McClosky and Susan J. Bowser. 

    Edward C. and Anita H. McLellan to Max Gerry Gaydos and Zack Gerry Gaydos. 

    David L. Clukey to David L. Clukey Living Trust. 

    Scott C. Varney to Paul and Ashley Boisclair. 

    Robert A. Allen to Douglas Brown. 

    Melanie A. Hieter to Corey R. and Mary Beth Trafton. 

    Diane M. Stevens and Myron Kanus to Bonnie L. Martinolich. 

    Stockton Springs

    Jonathan K. and Leigh Ann Detwiler to Robin L. and Jonathan D. Delauter.

    P.M.D. Inc. to Stockton Woodlands Corporation. 

    Stockton Woodlands Corporation to P.M.D. Inc. 

    William Joseph Stanton and William Stanton to Amanda C. Reed. 

    Kathryn Oljey-Bayha to Joseph M. and Nadia C. Graston. 

    Thomas C. Parkinson Jr. Est. to Robert M. and Lisa M. Shine. 

    Joan L. Milsovic to Joan Louise Milsovic Living Trust. 

    Frieda U. Koelbl to Frieda Koelbl Irrevocable Trust. 

    Mark M. Thomas to Melanie Ann Hieter and Zachary Augustine Flagg. 


    Susan L. and David G. Aldrich to Andrew Pollock. 

    Christopher J. Beal to Thomas E. Beal Jr. 

    Jeffrey A. York Est. to Kerry Pendleton. 

    Craig C. Nash to Leah Anne Maxwell. 

    Cynthia J. Macleod-Klewin and Cynthia J. Mcleod to Brent M. Macleod. 

    Daniella M. Araujo and Daniella Macleod to Brent M. Macleod. 

    Brent M. Macleod to Bryan P. Floy. 

    James F. and Lynn Sniger to Erik and Heather Clay. 

    Raymond Swan to Ann M. and Wesley C. Daggett. 

    Jenna L. Golub to Benjamin C. Hamel to Alana and Evan Hutchins. 


    Edwin Santana Sr. and Edwin Santana to Edwin Santana Sr. and Amanda D. Santana. 


    Lee McLaughlin to Jay and Ellen McLaughlin. 


    Diana Davis and Diana E. Davis to Diana E. Davis and Deborah Bryant.

    Diana Davis to Diana Davis and Deborah L. Bryant. 

    Diana Davis and Diana E. Davis to Diana E. Davis and Deborah L. Bryant. 

    Jane Drake and Jane Hubbard to Sierra W. and Nicholas J. Hickey. 


    Earl R. Fox to Arthur Dodge Jr. and Sherry A. Dodge. 

    Town of Waldo to Clifton Kenneth Grass Est. 

    Ella E. Nickerson to Sonja J. Abbott. 


    Billy Dewayne Mullis to Suzanne Chase and Billey Dewayne Mullis.  

    Roma M. Bonenfant to Edward A. Bonenfant Jr. 

    Wyatt Hurd to Maggie M. Menter. 

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