Waldo County deed transfers

Sun, 04/11/2021 - 3:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds March 15-26.


    Kyle D. and Melanie E. Ritchie to Jill Rogers and Mark Malenfant. 

    Orf Inc. to Highview Terrace LLC. 

    NLDJ Revocable Trust to NLDJ Revocable Trust. 

    William Holaday and Mechtild Petritsch to MEchtild Petritsch and William Holaday. 

    Charles R. Dowdell and Nancy E. Hinckley to Nancy E. Hinckley Trust. 

    William Smith Thompson Est. to Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage Condominium Association. 

    Robert R. Gordon II yo Barbara and Michael Nelson. 

    Barbara Klie to Shari L. Foiles. 

    Charles C. and Brenda F. Gould to Charles C. and Brenda F. Gould.

    Edward D. Lennon to Edward D. Lennon Living Trust. 


    Scott M. Nelson to Lindsey Erickson and Solomon Spigel. 

    Feras M. Elyounis to Simpson Motors LLC. 

    Karen Dyer, Larry Dyers Jr., and Larry A. Dyer Jr. to Larry Dyer III. 

    David J. and Jeri A. Balicki to Robert M. Carr and Elizabeth Lucretia Laurian. 


    Kendall A. Thomas to Jonathan A. Thomas II. 

    Jessica M. Pyne to Jessica M. Pyne and Raymond C. Losnes. 

    Bruce H. Boon to Benjamin Barber. 


    Marie E. Shibles Est. to Paul Cook, Cheryl Sweeny, Gary Cook, Terrific Richards, and Tracy Cook. 

    Bill King to Paul Cook, Cheryl Sweeny, Gary Cook, Terri Richards, and Tracy Cook. 

    Ronald and Deborah Nason to Lynn M. Scott. 

    Fred F. and Kathryn Ribero to William J. Kenney, Ellen Gronlie Kenney, and Samuel T. Kenney. 

    Sarah J. Holmander to Joshua and Misty Amburg, Richard and Rebekah Davis, and Joel Amburg. 

    Bessey Development Company to State of Maine and State of Maine - Fisheries. 


    Ada H. Hunter to Ada JH. and Tylor F. Hunter. 

    Wynn and Kecia Adams, Katie Hall, and Aaron, Jessie, and Corey Adams to Kenneth D. Phillips. 


    Tyler C. Hadyniak to Sallyann F. Hadyniak Est. 

    Sallyann F. Hadyniak Est. to Tyler C. Hadyniak.

    Sallyann F. Hadyniak Est.  to Kyle A. Hadyniak. 

    Sallyann F. Hadyniak Est. to Charles W., Tyler C., and Kyle A. Hadyniak.

    Charles W., Tyler C., and Kyle A. Hadyniak to Tyler C. anc Catherine E.M. Hadyniak. 


    Linwood H. Mylen Est. to Evan L. Mylen. 


    Alvin J. Pease to Pease Family Camp Trust. 

    Joyce A. Weeks Irrevocable Trust to Gerald R. and Mindy A. Spaulding. 

    John H. Nolan Est. to Nicholas N. Kleiner. 

    Rodney Abbott to Michael A. Abbott, Terri J. Tower, and Kati L. Heath. 

    Paul R. and Susan C. Carlson to Staci Lyn Smith. 

    LME Nominee Trust to Stephen Staples. 

    Town of Liberty to Lynn Barboza. 

    Patricia Chase Dodge to Elizabeth Coughlin. 


    Peter C. Green to Jackson W. and Chelse L. Green.

    Tracy A. Kniesner to Tiffany A. Higgins and Robert M. Kniesner. 

    Dennis J. and Sarah S. Voda to Sarah S. and Dennis J. Voda. 

    Aaron J. Crossman and Erin E. Leonard to Jeffrey C. and Jessica M. Marshall. 

    Jan Lamont-Rodonets, R. Cameron Lamont, and Walter M. Lamont to Jan Lamont-Rodonets, R. Cameron Lamont, and Walter M. Lamont.

    Shawn P. Moran to Tommy F. and Megan B. Moitoso. 


    Mt. Waldo Construction Inc. to Patrick and Mandi Thibodeau. 

    Judela Pearl-Thomas to Victor T. Neirinckx and June A. Harden. 


    Alvin J. and Anita S. Pease to Pease Family Trust. 

    William P. and Lori L. Terry to William J. and Keli I. Terry. 

    Donald F. Lucas to Steven and Cheryl Lucas. 

    Eunice J. Mommens to Robert D. Shuman. 

    Henry S. Hall Jr. and Marsha Dishler to Christopher Percy. 


    Robert Mcnutt to Charlotte Giovanella. 

    Tommy F. and Patricia Sutheit to Jason Stutheit. 

    Joel Karp to Danielle K. and Matthew L. Stordy. 

    Patricia West and Patricia West Phelan to Parker M. and Jillian C. Hovey. 

    Cindy Lee Danchak, Shana E. Cannell, and Hope Thomas to John K. and Jeanette M. Zentgraf. 

    Harbert H. & Ruth E. Higgins Revocable Trust to Clinton Richard Strong Revocable Trust. 

    Patten Revocable Trust and Patricia L. Patten to Kathryn N. Small. 

    Alismarie A. Parsloe to Patricia S. Meisner. 


    Deborah J. Murphy to Murphy Living Trust. 

    Emery Family Irrevocable Trust to SME2 Revocable Trust of 2021. 

    George A. McKenney Jr. Est. to Beverly I. McKenney. 

    Amy Ingraham to Beverly I. McKenney. 

    Joseph C. and Michele J.L. Grant to Jessica L. Grant.

    Jane Hamilton to Shawn and Kelly Hamilton. 

    Richard A. and Karen L. Giustra to Richard A. Giustra. 

    Carr and Jane S. Hussey, and Ralph F., Susan M., and Joseph L. Pilsbury to James and Tammy Longfellow.

    Carr and Jane S. Hussey, and Ralph F., and Susan M. Pilsbury to James and Tammy Longfellow. 

    Natalie L. Childs to Natalie L. Childs. 

    Natalie L. Childs to Natalie L. Childs.

    Glenn A. and Robin J. Morrison to Jericc Perkins and William Perkins Jr. 

    Daniel A. and Leslie J. Eaton to Karl and Jennifer Murray. 


    Mark M. Thomas Sr. to East Coast Residential Inc. 

    Dennis and Michaelle Smith to Timothy Rego. 

    William Swift Jr. to Timothy Rego. 

    Timothy J. Webster Est. to Matthew and Holly Greaney. 


    William J. Vinal to Colin Wentworth.

    Bridget M. Cook, Tracy L. Harford, and Sonja Brown to Wayne and Victoria Lanning. 

    Molly B. Samuels to Sadie E. Samuels. 

    41 Pong Road LLC and Forty One Pond Road LLC to Erik Klausmeyer and Jenna Golub. 

    Joyce Deette Babcock to Edward S. and Laura J. Thibeault. 


    Angelica P. and Scott A. Larrabee to Michael T. Cunningham and Laura Moulton Hubbell. 

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and GSAMP Trust 2005-WMC1 to Red Rock 2020 A LLC. 

    Susan Prisco to Marc A. and Ned A. Gorski. 

    Robert A. and Paula J. Dibiase to Richard Wehnke. 

    Ross Carroll to Catherine L. Carroll. 

    James K. Rose to Kathryn D. and Dennis M. Dahlin. 

    James R. Economy LLC and P. McCormack Economy LLC to One Eyed Cat LLC. 

    Stockton Springs

    Gregory R. Bigginger and Lise W. Leigh to Paul M. Barclay. 

    Leyza Ann, Elizabeth Ann, and Joseph P. Tose to Jeffrey McDonnell and Wayne L. Drinkwater. 

    Shoreline Associates LLC to Joshua E. Oxley. 

    Shoreline Associates LLC to Ecologix Homes LLC. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Alton L., Christine M., Alton W., and Locke C. Robbins. 

    Coleen F. Damon to Coleen F. Damon Living Trust. 


    Donald R. and Laura J. Mitchell to Steven J. Clisham II and Melanie F. Clisham. 

    Daniel J. Ford to Christopher J. Thompson. 

    Mary Hammond to Kenneth Nelson. 

    Beverley G. Maddocks Est. to Patricia A. Sawyer. 


    David M. Clark to Trevor S. Mcavey. 


    Robert Riversong to George Maendel. 

    Dianne M. Drake to Scott E. and Deborah A. Kent. 

    Charles I. Porter Jr., and Judith M. and Charles I. Porter to James I. and Penni J. Porter. 

    James C. Hitchcock Est. to Haley M. Hitchcock. 


    John W. Ellis Jr. to Cody Armstrong Dodge and Dale Armstrong Jr. 

    Roger V. and Sandra L. Littlefield to Michael Littlefield. 

    Curtis R. Brossmer to Michelle A. Kelly. 


    Roger E. and Lise J. Bishop to Patrick A. Deighan. 

    Tobey Langley to Toney A. Langley and Lisa A. Cherry. 

    Nathan M. and Dyna. Dow to Joshua Rollins. 

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