Letter to the editor: Annette Naegel

Voting: A right we must all practice

Sun, 10/25/2020 - 8:30pm

“The right to vote is of the essence of a democratic society and any restrictions on that right strike at the heart of representative government”, stated Justice Rehnquist, in a 1974 case defending this fundamental right  The 14th Amendment, with four amendments, guarantees freedom from voting interference.

We have the incredible privilege to vote for our representatives in the United States unlike other places in the world, where elections are not free and open.  While November 3rd is Election Day, we can also vote by mail suitable for students, those traveling abroad, those who are disabled and now for many who are at risk because of the pandemic.

Voting by mail is the same as absentee voting which has been in place for years, and has never been considered fraught or fraudulent.  It has even been used by the current president  and yet  the administration threatens, that mail in voting should be suspect.

How does the President claim this when there is no evidence to support it? And the assaults on  the Post Office during a world-wide pandemic, why? Voting in this democracy is the one issue that should cause everyone to do everything in their power to practice. In Maine there are several helpful websites for those with questions about voting locations, securing an absentee ballot etc. They are voteinmaine.com and iwillvote.com/me. Do not let anyone interfere with this right as a US citizen.

Annette Naegel lives in St. George