Letter to the editor: Elizabeth Dickerson

Voters of Rockland and Owls Head have clear choice: Valli Geiger

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 12:30pm

I listened to a discussion on WRFR-93.3 LP the other evening between Maine House District 93 candidates Valli Geiger (D) and Michael Mullins (R).

Mullins stated that a main issue for him is civil rights.

On September 14, Mullins posted on his Facebook account that his campaign van was vandalized. He states, “I have spent almost the entirety of this year volunteering for community service (making masks), or campaigning for issues like Civil Rights, Environment, and Education. I’m not so sure it matters what I do. Many are so stridently opposed to anyone in the ‘wrong’ party. I hear it every week.”

Subsequent posts jump on the bandwagon of solidly blaming the left for the vandalism of the campaign van. Some blame the supporters of Mullins’ opponent.  Words like “communism” and “Marxism” are used alongside the slurs against the left. One individual volunteers his services as “head of security.”

Molly Luce, the Republican candidate for District 95, states in the comments, “We need more Mike’s in Agusta Vote Mike!!!!!”

Michael Mullins says nothing in response to any of these comments to remind people that there is no proof that someone on the left or with any political motivation was responsible for vandalizing his van. But then again, his initial comments were the sparks that fanned the flames. The only comment he makes other than his initial post is to say “Thanks” to someone who comments, “Sincerely, someone on the left.”

You cannot be a candidate for political office fighting for civil rights if your own actions and words do not back up your claims. There is no proof offered, no responsibility from any group or individual claimed for the act. And yet, blame is solidly placed and not refuted.

Michael Mullins has total contributions for a Maine House seat totalling $52,665.70. Most of this is his own money. The Maine Ethics Commission 42 Day Pre-General Report filed 9/22/2020 states that he has spent $38,027.68 on items ranging from catering, paid staff, an outside consultant, and golf tournaments. Valli Geiger is running clean and has spent $4,379.03 of her allotted $5,854.

When asked, Mullins cannot state simply whether he supports specific legislation, whether he would support a LePage candidacy, or whether he supports Trump.

The written record concerning the van vandalism reflects discrepancy between words and action.

The voters of Rockland and Owls Head have a clear choice. When asked, Valli Geiger will tell you exactly what she supports, and the walk matches the talk.

Elizabeth Dickerson lives in Union. She formerly represented Owls Head and Rockland.