Letter to the editor: Loren Andrews

Vote for Dave Miramant in his bid for reelection

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 3:45pm

I am writing to express my strong support to reelect Dave Miramant as State Senator in our county, or Senate District 12. I have known Dave personally for many years, and he has always demonstrated a sincere and lasting commitment to the people of our communities, to our best interests, and to helping individuals and families thrive.

Secondly, as a clinical social worker in this area, I have been able to contact Sen. Miramant on numerous occasions for his help with many different client populations. He has always been a caring and listening legislator, willing to dive deep to understand and take action on issues that make a difference to children and families. This matches my personal knowledge of Dave and his commitment to everybody — regardless of their political party or ideological perspective — in our communities.

Lastly, in my role related to educational pursuits in our county, Sen. Miramant has also been extremely attentive and committed to what’s best for schools, for students and staff, and for taxpayers alike. His door is always open, so to speak, to hearing our concerns, and to taking action in Augusta to help not only the schools in this area, but to all educational opportunities across the state.

Please join me in both supporting and voting for Dave Miramant in his bid for reelection to the Maine State Senate this November.

Loren Andrews lives in Cushing